As Valentine’s Day approaches, the search for the perfect gift becomes a delightful pursuit! But, what better way to express love and warmth than with a carefully chosen candle? So, to help you find the best Valentine’s gift, ShaadiWish has explored the enchanting world of candles, and has in store some of the best candle brands that elevate gifting to new heights. From captivating fragrances to elegant designs, these brands have mastered the craft of creating candles that not only illuminate spaces but also kindle the flame of romance.

Give Your Valentines A Gift Of Exotic Scents From These Best Candle Brands:


Nestled among the myriad options, one scented candle brand that stands out as an epitome of olfactory luxury is MISA!

The brand is home to the finest tradition of luxury candle making by some of the best perfumers around the globe. With their sophisticated packaging and excellent fragrance combinations, the brand has already captured consumers’ interest and carved out a niche for itself. Their exquisite selection of high-end candles is painstakingly made and truly a labor of love!

Misa candles are hand-poured, have an extended burn time and come in minimalistic chic jars that will spruce up your home effortlessly. Even without being lit, the fragrances pervade through a space, giving it a signature scent of its own.

If you wish to gift your loved one something amazing this valentine’s day, then trust us, Misa candles are the perfect pick! The brand has some chic and luxurious looking gift sets that are perfect for gifting.

Price Range: Starts from ₹1,090 and goes up to ₹5,390.

Head to their website to check order a candle set right away, or you can check their Facebook and Instagram handles for latest offers!

2. Monsoon + Chai

The name Monsoon + Chai instantly gives your heart a warm, cozy and fuzzy feeling, isn’t it? Well, wait till you try their candles! We bet your bae is sure to go gaga over the exuberant range of scented candles this Delhi-based brand has to offer. Started in 2020, founder Manasvi Malik’s simple idea on a rainy evening and her obsession for scented candles has made this homegrown brand a favorite within the candle lovers’ community.

The brand offers a fragrance for every mood! Their USP is their organic scented soy candles which are gentle on the environment whilst being a center of attraction in your abode. Moreover, you also get an option of single and double wick candles. Each candle is hand-poured in a beautiful neutral hued vessel that effortlessly makes space in every home without disrupting the theme.

Monsoon + Chai also offers trial size scented candles in sets of three fragranced which allows you to try multiple before making your top pick. Every fragrance in the brand’s wide range has luscious notes with hints of spices, woods, and dreamy notes that lingers on for hours after use. This candle brand also does some amazing season launches including monsoon blends with teas, holiday-spirit candles, and fresh spring fragrances.

PS: Delhi NRC candle-lovers, in case your bae falls in love with Monsoon + Chai’s candles and uses it all to the bottom, you can simply replenish the candle. Yes, you read that right! The brand’s sustainable approach allows you to refill the candle with your favorite fragrance. Isn’t that amazing?

Best Candle Brands That Are Perfect For Valentines Gifting

Best Candle Brands That Are Perfect For Valentines Gifting

Price Range: Starts from ₹900 and goes up to ₹2,500 for gifting.

Also, for all those placing their first order, use the code MCHAISHIP to avail free shipping!       

So, what are you waiting for? Head to their website, Facebook page or Instagram handle to place your order right away.

3. Naso Profumi

Based in Barabanki – Uttar Pradesh, Naso Profumi is a brand that is known for its artisan and luxury candles. Naso Profumi roughly translates into someone who is a lover of perfumes and has a keen sense of fragrance. With luxurious packaging and array of fragrance range, the brand has carved a niche spot amongst the top tiers in the business. No matter if it is a blend of rich spices to jazz up your ambiance, or an exotic attar made of floral oils sourced from the corners of the world – the brand has it all!

They make some amazing scented candles with rich perfumes and high-quality ingredients. The brand aces in keeping their candles free from any artificial or synthetic essence. Moreover, their belief in ancient Indian perfumery enables the brand to be highly sustainable and natural. The pure soy wax, luxe glass bottles, minimalistic design and the subtle yet charming fragrances makes it a perfect pick this Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one.

To add to that, the wide range of fragrance that the brand offers consists of Mint-infused In Rose and Lemon, Pepper, Saffron, Oudh, Bergamot, Sambac and more. In fact, the range of candles from this brand have distinctive and unique elements that makes it stand out from the crowd.

Best Candle Brands That Are Perfect For Valentines Gifting

Best Candle Brands That Are Perfect For Valentines Gifting

Best Candle Brands That Are Perfect For Valentines Gifting

Price Range: Starts from ₹2,000

Visit their website, Facebook or Instagram handle to shop from their amazing range.

The site is currently offering a 40% off discount, use code NASO40 to avail the discount!

4. PHL: Pure Home + Living

PHL – Pure Home + Living was established in 2006 which has quickly made home in everyone’s heart for being one of the finest home decor & lifestyle brands. With an aim to curate your space with exquisite pieces, the brand has some amazing range of candles that are perfect for valentines gifting.

From appealing glass jar candles to the ones that are soothing and simply mesmerizing, your gifting game is sure to go up a notch this valentine’s day! Each candle offers a unique blend of quality, aesthetics, and passion, making it an ideal companion for expressing love on your special day. We assure you that gifting a scented candle from Pure Home + Living is nothing less than a sensory celebration! It will evoke emotions and memories that linger long after the flame flickers.

Best Candle Brands That Are Perfect For Valentines Gifting

Best Candle Brands That Are Perfect For Valentines Gifting

Price Range: Starts from ₹399

Head to their website or Instagram to shop!

5. Nestasia

Want your valentines gifting to be sustainable and extraordinary? Then check out the impeccable range of scented candles from Nestasia. Founders Aditi Murarka and Anurag Agrawal started Nestasia Started in 2019 with a goal to transform your space with a true reflection of your personality and style. With premium quality products, Nestasia promises you all the trendy and aesthetically appealing products to spruce up your homes.

When it comes to their range of candles, trust us, they will instantly transport you to an exotic location! This is one of the best candle brands that caters to the biodegradable and sustainable approach with their candle range. These spellbinding scented candles will level up your space with each note building an amazing atmosphere. Perfect for gifting, these handmade candles are sure to add a burst of freshness to the space.

Best Candle Brands That Are Perfect For Valentines Gifting

Best Candle Brands That Are Perfect For Valentines Gifting

Price Range: Starts from ₹280

Shop from their website or Instagram handle!

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