The bridal ensemble is a symphony of cultural richness and aesthetic beauty, and every detail contributes to the grandeur of the occasion. One such essential element is the bridal dupatta. No matter if you pick a single dupatta or a double dupatta, securing it on your D-day is a task! While the easy way to secure your dupatta from falling, slipping or being undone often, is to put up multiple safety pins. However, this might damage your dupatta not just with multiple pin holes, but also has the risk of ripping and tearing if you accidently tug too hard. So, to ensure the perfect drape and security, extension clips & comb clips have emerged as a revolutionary accessory, providing both functionality and style. These have become a holy grail for many hairstylists, and if you are wondering what they are and how they work, we have it sorted for you!

Let’s Delve Into Everything About Extension Clips & Comb Clips That Is A Rage Amidst Hairstylists For Securing Bridal Dupatta:

What Are Extension Clips & Comb Clips? 

Extension clips & comb clips are the perfect hybrid of a little comb and tic tac clips. These are rectangular in shape. They open and close like tic tac clips. One side of the clip is made in the shape of a comb to gently grip your hair. It secures perfectly in your hair without tugging or pulling and can be attached to a bridal dupatta with just a few stitches. Comb clips can make your dupatta draping process much easier and smoother. Extension clips are essential accessories in the realm of bridal fashion. And these babies come in handy specifically to secure the bridal dupatta. They offer a practical and elegant solution to the challenge of keeping the dupatta in place, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit throughout the wedding festivities.

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How To Use Extension Clips & Comb Clips? 

Comb clips are easy to use. All you need to do is attach them to the border dupatta and it is done! For this, you will need a needle and some thread – stitch it with the basic skills you have and there you go. Comb clips or extension clips are sewn into dupatta from underneath the border for maximum discretion. The clips once secured with stitching will then easily replace the numerous safety pins that you need to secure your dupatta.

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Benefits Of Using Extension Clips & Comb Clips For Securing Bridal Dupatta

There are various benefits and uses of extension clips & comb clips that help in securing bridal dupatta on the wedding day:

1. Functionality of Extension Clips & Comb Clips

Extension clips & comb clips are specially designed to provide a firm grip on the dupatta, keeping it in place throughout the wedding festivities. These clips are crafted with precision, using materials that ensure a strong hold without causing damage to the delicate fabric.

2. Availability and Variety

Extension clips & comb clips are available in a wide array of designs to match the diverse tastes and preferences. There are different sizes and styles that work for various hair thickness too.

3. Ease of Use

One of the key advantages of extension clips is their user-friendly design. Brides can easily attach and detach them without assistance, allowing for quick adjustments during the ceremony or photo sessions. The clips are strategically placed to ensure that they remain discreet, seamlessly blending with the overall bridal attire.

4. Comfort and Confidence

Extension clips & comb clips not only secure the dupatta but also contribute to the bride’s comfort and confidence. The assurance that the dupatta will stay in place allows the bride to move freely and enjoy the festivities without the constant worry of readjustment. This newfound comfort translates into a radiant and confident bride, making her special day even more memorable.

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