Are you trying to plan for your wedding flowers? Flowers are an integral part of your wedding day and decor, as they add a romantic feel to the atmosphere of your wedding venue. However, fresh flowers can be quite expensive, particularly if you don’t have floral farms and vendors near you. If you have to ship flowers from different parts of the country or world, your wedding flower bill will end up through the roof. Sometimes, fresh flowers aren’t always grown or harvested very ethically, especially when they’re used for industries that have such an excessive demand. If you’re looking for more affordable, accessible, and eco-friendly flowers for your wedding, you should consider using faux and alternative flowers.

Here are our top 5 alternative flower types that you could use as great options for your wedding.

1. Silk Flowers

One great option for alternative wedding flowers is silk flowers. Silk flowers are made from high-quality fabric and are designed to closely imitate the size, style, and colors of real fresh flowers. Some silk flowers are made from more affordable materials and might not look as realistic but they have a cheaper price tag. Higher quality silk flowers will look highly realistic but can be quite expensive, even compared to fresh flowers. You also likely won’t find the highest quality silk flowers at your local craft store. However, if you want flowers that will last forever, silk flowers are a good option. Just be aware that they may fade over time.

2. Wood Flowers

Another great option for alternative wedding flowers is wood flowers. Wildflowers are carefully and ethically made using all-natural materials harvested and derived from the root of the tapioca plant. This wood-like material is extremely customizable. It can be dyed to match any color imaginable, which can be very helpful if you have a really unique color scheme for your wedding. You can also create diy bridal bouquets and other easy and beautiful arrangements. Wood flowers are carefully treated to be soft, pliable, damage-resistant, and flexible. If they are properly cared for over time, they will work as vibrant and feel as velvety as they did the first day you received them. Just make sure that you keep them out of extended direct sunlight, dust them regularly using a soft cloth or hair dryer, and treat them with softening liquid. The best part about using wood flowers is that they only cost a tiny fraction of the price of fresh flowers. If you have a set budget for your wedding flowers, you can get more bang for your buck by using wood flowers. Instead of skimping on your ceremony decorations because of the cost of fresh flowers, you can have huge, luxury-inspired floral installations that still fit within your budget.

The Top 5 Alternative Flower Types You Should Consider For Your Wedding

3. Dried Flowers

Next, you should consider using dried flowers for your wedding flowers. Dried flowers do you derive from fresh flowers, however, due to their dried and preserved nature, they are much more affordable. Dried flowers last much longer than fresh flowers since they don’t need to be constantly watered. However, some dried flowers can be a little bit fragile, so keep that in mind when you’re ordering your dried wedding flowers. If you love the affordability and convenience of dried flowers but want more vibrant colors, try spray painting your dried flowers for a bolder and brighter style. Additionally, if you feel that your dried flowers aren’t voluminous enough, try adding some wood flowers to your arrangement. Wood flowers have similar textures, styles, and aesthetics, so they are a great choice when you are trying to add more volume to any wedding arrangement.

4. Foam Flowers

You can also use foam flowers as your alternative wedding flowers. They are made from fine, delicate foam, that shouldn’t decrease or tear with use or time. Foam flowers also likely have some plastics used in their manufacturing. Foam flowers are designed to look highly realistic and imitate the shape and softness of real, fresh flowers. They can be dyed and designed to match many different colors, both found in nature and otherwise. However, they aren’t always as eco-friendly or environmentally safe as wood flowers.

The Top 5 Alternative Flower Types You Should Consider For Your Wedding

5. Wax Flowers

You should also consider using wax flowers if you don’t want to use fresh flowers for your wedding. Wax flowers are usually made with the base of fabric or silk flowers. The fabric is then covered with a special, delicate wax that softens the fabric and makes it shine, giving the impression that it is a fresh flower. This also helps you to avoid any stains or needless damage that might occur to the fabric during the flower-arranging process, as the wax provides a protective layer. This option, similar to other alternative flowers, will be more eco-friendly as so many fresh flowers aren’t needlessly harvested only to wilt and die soon after.

Bonus Alternative Option: Greenery

If you don’t love the bright colors and styles of flowers, you can always choose the alternative option of solely having greenery at your wedding. If you love the natural, texture-heavy feel of greenery, this option could be perfect for you. There are many different styles of greenery that you can use. For example, you can create minimalistic pieces of decor with trendy Eucalyptus. You could also create big, voluminous installations with leather leaf ferns and other larger types of greenery. Greenery wedding arrangements can be timeless, whimsical, and unforgettable.

The Top 5 Alternative Flower Types You Should Consider For Your Wedding

So, if you’re getting married soon and are trying to choose your wedding flowers, remember this article. True, freshly grown flowers are fragrant and beautiful, but they might not always be the best option for you and your wedding. There are numerous other alternative flowers that you can use for your wedding, such as silk flowers, wood flowers, dried flowers, foam flowers, or wax flowers. You could even combine a few of these options for your ideal floral aesthetic. Soon, you’ll end up with the wedding flowers of your dreams!

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