Wouldn’t you be pissed if it rained on your wedding day? Well, it is one of the worst feelings when you see all your planning do down the drain, quite literally! However, there is one luxury travel company who is guaranteeing to make your wedding day rain-free for $100,000! Scroll down to know more about it –

For $100,000, This Company Will Guarantee You a Rain-Free Wedding, Here’s Everything We Know:

Know All About This Rain-Free Wedding

A Luxury holiday company Oliver’s Travels is guaranteeing you a rain-free wedding for $100,000. They are promising to harness the cloud seeding powers of science to guarantee fair weather and clear skies for your wedding day. The UK’s Daily Telegraph reports that while they may be able to meticulously plan every aspect of the big day, one thing that couples famously cannot control is the weather.

For those who wish to have a rai-free wedding even in the most unpredictable weather conditions, this is a blessing for you! You can hire a team of ‘cloud bursters’, arranged exclusively via the luxury travel company Oliver’s Travels.

“The cloud will be burst over a period of 24 hours,” the company says. “The project itself will take around 3 weeks all in all. It would take a week to get the airplane, pilot and meteorologist to France and back. The crew will need to be on the ground at least a week before the event.”

The company says that “cloud seeding is now considered a mainstream tool, primarily to improve rain precipitation and snow”. While that is somewhat true — it is often used in China, where it was put to work to try and keep rain from affecting the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony – experts disagree on how effective it can be.

A Luxury Travel Company Guarantees You A Rain-Free Wedding For $100,000

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What Is Cloud Seeding And How Does It Work?

The technique is called “cloud seeding” and involves using silver iodide to cause clouds to burst and disappear. To elaborate further, cloud seeding is a weather modification technique that involves dispersing substances into the atmosphere with the aim of altering the natural processes of cloud formation and precipitation. The purpose of cloud seeding is to enhance rainfall or snowfall in specific areas or to suppress hail or fog.

The most common method of cloud seeding involves the introduction of tiny particles, such as silver iodide, into clouds. These particles act as nuclei for water droplets to condense around, effectively increasing the number of droplets present in a cloud. This process can potentially lead to the formation of larger and more numerous raindrops, which may increase precipitation. Thus, leaving you with a rain-free wedding day!

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