Are you a monsoon bride and all set to walk down the aisle no matter what? As dreamy as monsoon weddings sound, taking the right measures to counter humidity and pitter patter of the rain is essential. So, here are a few things you need to know to tackle monsoon with ease. From fashion to hairstyles and more, we have listed all the essential monsoon tips for brides.

Bookmark These Amazing Monsoon Wedding Tips That Are Sure To Come Handy For Every Bride-To-Be:

Monsoon Fashion Tips For Brides-To-Be

Focus On Fabric

The humidity during monsoons can really irritate you and make you sweaty while wearing a heavy lehenga. It is important to pick a fabric that is not only breathable but also feels comfortable on the skin. High density and heavy fabrics like brocade, velvet or raw silk are only an open invitation to your bridezilla side. Crepe and linen must be avoided too, for they have a tendency to shrink upon contact with water. This is why picking the right fabric for your wedding day is highly essential.

Pick fabrics like georgette, chanderi, chiffon, cotton silk, or even organza as these are lightweight fabrics that can easily counter the humidity. Moreover, the fun fact about chiffon and georgette is that they release creases and become more flowy and manageable when exposed to humidity.

Pay Attention To The Embellishments

The next thing to focus on after the fabric is the detailing on your wedding wear. Avoid heavy zardozi or gota patti as they may weigh you down and even may cause irritation to your skin due to the humidity. Stick to embroideries or thread work, resham work, pearl or Swarovski embellishments, soft sequin and cut works as they add the much-needed glam element to your bridal wear. Zardozi, metallic pipes or CZ stones tend to get tarnished and are sure to dull away when it comes in contact with humidity.

Pro Tip: Opt for heavy chikankari lehengas as they are perfect for monsoon weddings and also look rich and heavy for bridal attire.

Monsoon Wedding Edition: Fashion To Hair Care Tips For Brides-To-Be! Monsoon Wedding Edition: Fashion To Hair Care Tips For Brides-To-Be!Here are some amazing chikankari lehengas that are trending this year!

Opt For Pastel Hues

The most trending wedding colors off-late are from the pastel clan. We cannot even begin to emphasize how pastel hues are game-changers in comparison to dark hues during gloomy monsoon weddings. Pick powder pink over red, ice blue over royal blue, lilac over deep purple, salmon over rani pink and sage green over emerald. Moreover, if it is an indoor wedding, you can pick neutrals like ivory or beige and easily avoid muck stains as you aren’t going to step out!

You can also opt for pastel hues of yellow or orange as they look equally refreshing and elegant for monsoon weddings,

Monsoon Wedding Edition: Fashion To Hair Care Tips For Brides-To-Be!

Also, here are some drool-worthy pictures of multiple pastel shades in bridal lehenga that we adore.

Mind The Length Of The Lehenga

When it is obviously rainy season, it is best to keep the length of your lehenga and dupatta an inch shorter. With roads being muddy, the edge or the hemline of your dupatta and lehenga will become soiled and dirty. So, instead of a floor-length or floor-sweeping lehenga, keep it a tad bit shorter.

Monsoon Wedding Edition: Fashion To Hair Care Tips For Brides-To-Be!

Avoid Layering Too Many Accessories

Whether you are planning to carry a double dupatta or wish to layer multiple necklaces and chokers, it is best to try it all out first. Ensure you are comfortable with these multiple layers in a humid weather. It is not compulsory to wear layered necklaces or double dupattas if you are a bride. You can opt for statement-making single necklace and with the minimalistic fashion, you can save yourself from being sweaty and uncomfortable. Winter is the perfect weather to layer things up, monsoons, not so much! However, if you really wish to go ahead with layering, ensure that the dupatta is super-lightweight (preferably net) and so is the jewellery.

Monsoon Wedding Edition: Fashion To Hair Care Tips For Brides-To-Be!

Storing Your Wedding Lehenga After Use During Monsoon

Once you are done wearing your wedding lehenga or saree, you simply cannot pack it back into a plastic pouch. It is essential to lay out your outfit for a couple of hours after wearing to ensure there is no moisture in the fabric. If it has zari or silk work, it should be folded inside out and then wrapped in muslin for proper storage. For heavily embroidered outfits, it is best to store it in cloth bags with butter paper between the folds. Avoid plastic bags or pouches as it may blacken or tarnish the embellishments and stones. Lastly, try the traditional way to avoid getting clothes getting spoiled due to moisture dampness. Place a small amount of rice or the de-humidifying small pouches of silica gels that you get in shoes or handbags.

Monsoon Brides Should Ditch Heels For A Comfortable Footwear

No matter how much you love tip-toeing in those gorgeous 5-inch heels, but monsoon weddings are not the right season for them. Heels or stilettos aren’t the best for monsoon weddings. With mucky ground and slippery floors, it is best to pick shoes or sneakers under your lehenga. Many brides are opting for sneakers that look chic and stylish.

Image Source: Banjaaran
Monsoon Wedding Edition: Fashion To Hair Care Tips For Brides-To-Be!
Image Source: Weddings By Knotty Days
Image Source: Rolling Canvas

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Hair Style And Makeup Tips For Monsoon Brides

Keeping the humid climate in mind, there are a few things you need to keep in check with your hair and makeup.

  •       Wear water-proof everything.
  •       Go for a matte makeup base over dewy finish.
  •       Do not wear lip glosses and pick matte pictures instead.
  •       Try nudes or lip tints.
  •       Do not forget to seal the makeup with a spray.
  •       Choose low, messy buns over open hairstyles.
  •       Opt for messy braids or an elegant ponytail.
  •       Opt for lighter hair accessories over full-floral buns.

Monsoon Wedding Edition: Fashion To Hair Care Tips For Brides-To-Be!

Monsoon Wedding Edition: Fashion To Hair Care Tips For Brides-To-Be!
Image Source: Ritika Kadam

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