Bollywood movies have spoilt us with the idea of a dreamy monsoon wedding. However, in reality, planning a monsoon wedding might be a task that needs more attention to details. From water clogging to your guests facing trouble due to the rain there are multiple things that could go wrong. So, to help you plan the minute details and avoid the monsoon mishaps, we have a checklist for you!

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Here Are The Most Essential Things To Keep In Mind As You Plan A Monsoon Wedding:

Monsoon Wedding Checklist Priority – Weather Forecast

Before you start it all, it is important to first check the weather forecast. Since monsoons can be unpredictable, you would not want to take chances with your wedding. So, check if there is a rain prediction on or around your wedding day. These days weather forecasts are highly reliable and you can surely go by it. Depending on the percentage of rain expected, you can plan your wedding function indoors/outdoors accordingly.

Venue-Related Monsoon Wedding Precautions That Needs To Be On The Priority List

Wedding Venue

During the monsoon season, the first choice for a wedding venue should undoubtedly be an indoor venue. Moreover, indoor venues are a much safer and better option as it scratches out the fear of your wedding outfits getting soiled in the mud. However, if you still want to keep an outdoor venue as an option in case the rain god spares you that day, then opt for a venue with has both indoor and outdoor wedding space. The right kind of venue would be a covered and air-conditioned indoor space for when it is raining and an open area for when it is not. This way, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

No matter how tricky it is to plan an outdoor wedding with the contingency of rains pouring anytime, they can be equally gorgeous! The cool weather and the green greenery around, your guests will witness a dreamy wedding for sure. In such cases, opt for a farm house or an Airbnb which has both the spaces with a killer view of lush greenery! But if you have to settle for an indoor space due to rains, check that there are no water logging problems in and around the venue.

Ultimate Monsoon Wedding Checklist To Rely On For Hassle-Free Planning!
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Provisions For Guests

Indoor or outdoor, it doesn’t matter. It is best to make monsoon-friendly provisions for your guests. What if it rains as they walk into the venue from the parking and it starts to pour? We are sure your guests aren’t going to like that! So, keep a few napkins, towels, or even umbrellas for your guests to quickly grab on.

Ultimate Monsoon Wedding Checklist To Rely On For Hassle-Free Planning!
Image Source: Ivy Weddings

P.S. These umbrellas make for an amazing prop to take some gorgeous pictures.

Image Source: Altair Decor
Ultimate Monsoon Wedding Checklist To Rely On For Hassle-Free Planning!
Image Source: Altair Decor

Power Backup

Do not take any chances when it comes to monsoons and electricity! There is a high chance that there may be a power cut in case it rains. So, ensure the venue has power backup so that the ceremony isn’t hampered or disrupted.

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Dehumidifiers Are A Great Add-On For Monsoon Weddings

Dehumidifiers are one of the best things to have in your wedding venue in case of indoor setups. No matter if the venue is well ventilated or not, the humidity and sultriness are sure to kick in making it feel suffocated and damp. This is where the dehumidifier comes in handy to keep the venue humid-free and dry. Trust us, your guests will thank you!

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Things To Take A Note Of During Monsoon Weddings


Wedding decor during the monsoon season can one of the most difficult things to figure out. With a chance of unexpected rain or windstorm, the wedding decor is most likely to get damaged. If you have an outdoor setup, you need to be very picky of sturdy things. Be it fresh flowers or lightweight structures, there is a possibility that it might not withstand the rain and might blow away. In fact, the fresh flowers have a charm of their own but even those can get wilted away really fast due to the humidity.

So, it is best to opt for heavy structures that may stay put and not move due to the wind. And you can opt for faux flowers for your wedding decor. These stay as it is and even look stunning in the pictures. You can also add small umbrellas as decor for that quirky effect.

Ultimate Monsoon Wedding Checklist To Rely On For Hassle-Free Planning! Ultimate Monsoon Wedding Checklist To Rely On For Hassle-Free Planning!


Humidity brings in tons of bacteria and can spoil to food like mushrooms, spinach, seafood and other leafy vegetables. Make sure the food is prepared in a clean area cos you wouldn’t want your guests to fall sick eating that food. This is why it is best to pick fresh vegetables and ensure that they are stored in a clean place. Also, monsoons bring the amazing feeling of having chai and pakoras, right? Give your guests a great wedding experience with kulhad chai along with some amazing snacks to munch on. Who doesn’t love to hog on a plate full of mouth-watering delicacies of different cuisines?

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Pre-Wedding Shoots With A Monsoon Theme

Ditch the usual photoshoot and go for the obvious monsoon theme for your prewedding. Rains can actually take your pre-wedding shoot up a notch in the most beautiful way. Rain shots are simply stunning and also unique. You can always use cute accessories like colourful umbrellas to make it more fun and personalised. 

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Ultimate Monsoon Wedding Checklist To Rely On For Hassle-Free Planning! Also, save these beautiful & raw couple candid photography ideas for your wedding.

Monsoon Wedding Parties Can Surely Be Fun!

Why not use the rains in your favor? If it is surely going to rain around the dates of your D-day, then plan every other ceremony indoor. However, organize one fun party outdoor! Be it a rain dance themed pool-side party where all the groom and bride’s friends and family can have a blast! Doesn’t that sound amazing? You surely need a fun party before getting hitched and nothing can be as great as a natural rain dance! It will be a party that will be spoken about for years to come.

Ultimate Monsoon Wedding Checklist To Rely On For Hassle-Free Planning!

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