Are you planning to host a Holi party this year? Well, as easy as it may seem, hosting a Holi party takes much more than piling up Holi colors. To make sure your Holi party isn’t a boring one, ShaadiWish is here to help you. From the best Holi playlist to food and every little nitty gritty details that you need to take care of, we have listed them all below. So, what are you waiting for? Make your Holi party a fun one and let your guests have a blast!

Planning To Host A Holi Party? Here Are A Few Ways To Host A Lit Holi Party:

Send Out Fun Invites

Since Holi is all about fun and quirkiness, let it reflect on your invite! Be it a digital invite or a physical one, make sure your guests know that they are in for a treat this year at your Holi party. Attach a packet of gulal or a few gujiyas if you are planning to send out invites.  This way, you are already kickstarting the Holi mood on the right note.


#Holi101: How To Plan At-Home Holi PartyKeep A Holi Playlist Ready

Is it even a party if there is no fun Holi playlist? From groovy songs to some classic evergreen Holi songs, ShaadiWish has already curated a Holi playlist that is ready for you to explore!

#Holi101: How To Plan At-Home Holi Party

Exciting Holi Dishes Should Be On The Menu

During all the masti and grooving to some fun songs, your guests are bound to be exhausted and hungry. Ditch the regular food and snacks and instead opt for some Holi special dishes. Make a list of these mouth-watering Holi dishes to turn your Holi party into a lit affair.

#Holi101: How To Plan At-Home Holi Party

Fun Assortment Of Drinks

Is it even Holi if there’s no thandai or bhaang-laced lassi or drinks? Make it fun for your guests and add an assortment of drinks. From thandai, lassi, paan thandai, baasundi, lemonade or other mocktails, you can amp up the party instantly!

Cook With Manali

Keep Natural And Eco-Friendly Color Options For Dry Holi

Ditch the usual water Holi and play with dry eco-friendly colors. After all you don’t want to end up with rashes or skin allergies post Holi. So, pick eco-friendly and natural colors. This way your skin is safe and you and your guests can wash off the color easily post Holi. Also, be it the elderly or people who are allergic to colors, it is best to also keep gulal or colorful flower petals for them to enjoy as well. This way, they will enjoy the festival in a natural, healthy way.

Add these splash of colorful lehengas in your wardrobe that ooze the Holi vibe.

Make A Quirky Color Setup

Take some efforts and make the color setup fun and quirky. Apart from plates or baskets full of colors, keep some pichkaris or water balloons for kids who may attend your holi party.

#Holi101: How To Plan At-Home Holi Party

Vivacious Decor

Most of the party’s vibe sets in because of the décor and the ambiance you create for your guests. So, add some colorful décor elements, a photobooth and fun color placements so that your guests can have the time of their life and keep coming back to your Holi parties every year!

#Holi101: How To Plan At-Home Holi Party #Holi101: How To Plan At-Home Holi Party

Also, here are some fun ways to have Holi themed wedding ceremonies.

Create Quirky Props & Backdrops To Click Pictures

When it comes to adding he fun elements to a Holi party, it is really important you keep it subtle yet trendy. Add some quirky props that will elevate your photobooth so that people can make the most of your Holi party.

#Holi101: How To Plan At-Home Holi Party

Here are top 30+ Holi inspired pre-wedding shoot ideas!

Be Ready With Medical Help Desk

Since it is the festival of colors and people love to soak in all the fun colors, it is really important you have the medical help desk ready for the emergency. From eye drops, tissues, and wipes, or band-aids for unforeseen scrapes. Keep all the essentials at the table to help your guests grab them with ease.

Check out these amazing wedding accessories vendors to get for your D-day.

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