Holi expels owing to the joyous vibes and spirit of togetherness. The vivacious colors add to the happiness, thus making them a perfect addition for wedding ceremonies. Yes, you heard that right! ShaadiWish brings you how you can amp up your wedding ceremonies with fun Holi themed ideas.

Bookmark These Unique And Fun Ways To Have Holi Themed Wedding Ceremonies:

Turn Up The Zeal Of Your Haldi With The Holi Theme

The kick starter of the wedding and probably the most fun event is the Haldi ceremony. Amp it up by adding the Holi theme to it and the energy to a different level. The enthusiasm in a Haldi ceremony is always high and packed with energy and zeal. Everyone is pumped up to have fun smearing each other with the auspicious turmeric paste. So, why not make the Haldi ceremony turn into a Holi party? A perfect ice breaker between the two families and their members whilst greeting them with fun colors.

Fun Ways To Have Holi Themed Wedding Ceremonies
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Phoolon Wali Holi

Phoolon wali holi has become a popular trend in weddings and we aren’t complaining! Most common for haldi, here, colors are replaced with flowers, and play Holi with it. It is not necessary to have expensive flowers to play with, go for local and affordable blooms, and then discard them in a way where it won’t create waste. Roses or marigold are the most preferred choices, and they also add to the vibrancy of the pictures taken during this wedding ceremony. Take it up a notch by adding some food and drinks in the marigold hue or rose-flavor.  

Fun Ways To Have Holi Themed Wedding Ceremonies

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Fun Ways To Have Holi Themed Wedding Ceremonies


#TrendAlert: Phoolon Ki Holi Makes A Big Come Back This Wedding Season.

Cocktail Holi Party

Ditch the same old themes for cocktail parties and go for something fun and quirky! From Holi themed food and drinks to a DJ who will ensure your guests groove to some desi beats. Trust us this party will surely be a benchmark of parties! Take a cue from the famous influencer Masoom Minawala, who wanted to have a unique party to kickstart her wedding and she did. Instead of having the usual cocktail party, she went for a smashing Holi party to kickstart her wedding festivities. Add water balloons to make it even more fun for your guests.

Fun Ways To Have Holi Themed Wedding Ceremonies
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Here’s how to prepare your skin before going for holi festivities.

Pre-Wedding Holi Shoot

Couples love to experiment and explore various pre-wedding shoot themes. And a Holi themed pre-wedding shoot can surely be a fun one. Rather than opting for smoke bombs and color sticks as props in your pre-wedding shoot, go for colors and make it more fun. You can also go for water guns or water balloons if you want quirky poses and pictures. Opt for casual outfits or pick the classic whites to add to the vivaciousness of the pictures. The white colored outfits will surely enhance and pop out the colors in the best way possible.

Fun Ways To Have Holi Themed Wedding Ceremonies
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Fun Ways To Have Holi Themed Wedding Ceremonies
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Here are top 30+ Holi inspired pre-wedding shoot ideas!

Post-Wedding Holi Party

You can go an off-beat route and plan to have a wedding party to celebrate with your family and close friends. Also, this could also be to break the ice and settle the new bride into the family when she sees the fun side of her in-laws. go for some desi dhol beats to turn up the vibe. It will be a celebration and in a true sense will be a happy union.  

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Fun Ways To Have Holi Themed Wedding Ceremonies
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