Pre-Wedding shoots can be fun. It’s that one shoot where you don’t need to have any cliche poses, customary pictures or anything like that. You can be as crazy as you want and make it as fun as you and your partner!
We also agree that vibrancy of colors at the Holi festival reflect beautifully in photographs too. So why not combine these two and do a Holi theme photoshoot that will let you have creative, colorful and wonderful memories. Take inspiration from these meticulously selected pictures and just ape it!

1. Throwing the worries away together!

Image Source: JK Creatives

2. Don’t miss those adorable bubbles!

Image Source: JK Creatives

3. Some classic Bollywood love!

Image Source: Jarvie Digital

4. Soaked in the colours of happiness!

Image Source: Jarvie Digital

5. The swag style!

Image Source: Jarvie Digital

6. Enchanted in the smoky colors!

Image Source: Shades Photography

7. Blowing away kisses!

Image Source: Amanda Kate Photography

8. The “Get-ready-for-the-madness” moment!

Image Source: Amanda Kate Photography

9. The whimsical mood of the picture reminds us of a sweet dream!

Image Source: Amanda Kate Photography

10. The burst of colors creating a halo around the couple!

Image Source: Amanda Kate Photography

11. Doused in colors and in love with each other!

Image Source: Benj Haisch

12. The clear sky and the timeless memories of the two of them!

Image Source: DW Johnson Studio

13. Pop of colours against the greens – enriching!

Image Source: Going Bananas Photography On Instagram

14. “Better than I was, more than I am. All this happened by taking your hand..”

Image Source: Carmen and Ingo Photography

15. Those delicious colors are making us gleam!

Image Source: Jerryyoon Photographers

16. Time to show your wicked skills!

Image Source: Jerryyoon Photographers

17. Sprouting colors with blue water and sands!

Image Source: Priscila Valentina Photographers

18. Pure joy and raw emotions candidly captured!

Image source: Seventy by Two- Wedding Stories

19. …And the bond only becomes stronger!

Image Source: Seventy by Two- Wedding Stories

20. A quirky photobooth to strike a picture-perfect pose!

Image Source: The Wedding Conteurs

21. Why leave your squad behind?

Image Source: The Wedding Conteurs

22. Show your love through hand-painted fun quotes on colourful signages!

Image Source: Miss Style Fiesta

23. Miss Style Fiesta’s Holi party gave us some serious pre-wedding #goals!

Image Source: Miss Style Fiesta

24. Overjoyed in the colours of love!

Image Source: Miss Style Fiesta

25. And a finale performance with the gang to wrap it up!

Image Source: Miss Style Fiesta

26. To love and to hold, forever!

27. Colourful Balloons and Technicolor souls! 

Image source: Crown Weddings

28. The Euphoria Of Love!

Image source: Jacki Bruniquel

29. Total Desi style!

Image source: Colours Photo& Flims

30. Intimate moments, multiplied with these colors.

Image source: Garima Singh Photography

31. As fluid as love is!

Image source: Apresh Chavda Photography

32. Messy, Riot of colors yet the bond stands tall!

Image source:  L PHOTOGRAPHIE

33. This colorful hands speak volumes of their life to come!

Image source: Melissa Mcclure

34. When love takes over!

Image Source: Vijay Eesam

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