Single as a pringle while the world around you is dipping in red? Forget the hearts and flowers, forget the mushy cards, forget Valentine’s Day – instead, grab your gal pals and celebrate ‘Galentine’s Day’! While Bollywood has rarely focused on female friendships, Hollywood movies and TV shows have always portrayed and understood the true essence of having best girl pals. So, celebrate Galentine’s day this year and binge on some mushy and warm TV shows and movies with your girl gang.

Movies & Shows To Watch With Your Girl Gang To Celebrate Galentine's day

Watch These Mushy Movies & Shows With Your Girl Gang And Celebrate Galentine’s Day:


If you haven’t watched this movie, you must drop everything else and watch it right away! This evergreen classic movie portrays an uproarious, unflinching look of how modern-age female friendships are. The story revolves around how women bond in adulthood and how sometimes it’s difficult but absolutely ok to take time to know each other’s personalities. The drama, gossip, and gut-bustlingly hilarious situations will add that spark and joy to your Galentine’s day celebration!

Bride Wars

When a clerical error causes a clash in wedding dates, two best friends who would do anything for each other find themselves in a no-holds-barred crossroad and fight it out to get their wedding date. This Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson starring movie will leave you rolling on the ground laughing and also leaving your heart feeling warm and fuzzy seeing the friendship.

Movies & Shows To Watch With Your Girl Gang To Celebrate Galentine's day

Sex And The City (Movie & Show)

How can we not start with the classic of all times that shows female friendship in the most beautiful, raw and unfiltered way? We’re pretty sure you’ve already watched it a couple of times, but this time, make sure you do it when your girl gang is around. Sex And The City movies are a continuation of the TV show and we are absolutely sure you and your girl gang are going to love this one.

Movies & Shows To Watch With Your Girl Gang To Celebrate Galentine's day

Emily In Paris

The fun and quirky TV show is created by the same creator of Sex and the City, so the vibes are incredibly similar. The show focuses on Chicago-native Emily as she ventures to Paris for work. From the beautiful glimpses of Paris to amazing couture outfits, this show is such a pleasing one. Like SATC, there’s a lot of romance, love triangles, friendship struggles, and of course, amazing fashion that you and your gal pals are sure to enjoy!

Movies & Shows To Watch With Your Girl Gang To Celebrate Galentine's day

Mean Girls

Not exactly a tale of true friendship on a surface level, but this one is the best film to watch with your girl gang. Packed with high school drama and how the girl struggles to be a part of her high school’s clique’s gang.  This film has gained a cult status over the years and is definitely a must watch.

Bad Moms

For decades moms in movies have been either picture-perfect or evil, leaving no real middle ground. This movie is such a refreshing break of how all moms go through the ‘mom-life’ and bond over the struggles that are leading them down to the verge of a breakdown. Until, one of them decides to go all rouge and put a break to their responsibilities. A fun movie for all those gal pals who are feeling that they are stuck in a mid-life crisis!

Movies & Shows To Watch With Your Girl Gang To Celebrate Galentine's day

Want to watch a mushy romantic movie? Check out this list!

The Bold Type

There are so many reasons to love The Bold Type, like its focus on female friendships, its tangled web of romantic drama, and its exploration of the challenges young career-driven women face. Or maybe you’re just a big fan of fashion journalism! Whatever it is, this TV show has to be on your watchlist!


The Bold Type and Younger are basically twins: two frothy dramas about glamorous young professionals trying to carve out glamorous careers. It’s just that one of the young professionals in Younger is secretly a divorced mother. The fun drama, fashion and friendships are the highlight of this show!

The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants

Another classic to watch! The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is about four teenage girls who are the best of friends and have to spend an entire summer apart. They find a pair of pants that magically fits them all despite their very different measurements. They decide to call them the ‘traveling pants’ and share them over the course of the summer. This film was praised for its realistic portrayals of the lives of teenage girls and is totally the film you can watch with your girlfriends.

Movies & Shows To Watch With Your Girl Gang To Celebrate Galentine's day

Gossip Girl

Haven’t watched Gossip Girl yet? Well, this is your cue to start it right away! You and your gal pals are sure to bond over the steamy relationships, drama, fashion, and also a bit of suspense this Galentine’s day! This TV show is one of the OGs and will stay a classic forever!

Girls Trip

What happens when you combine an uncommonly perceptive script about long-term friendship with four of the most appealing, comedically adroit leading ladies on this planet? That’s Girls Trip for you! This movie will leave you laughing for hours. all relatable stuff amidst a gang of girls, this movie surely be the icing on the cake this Galentine’s day!

Movies & Shows To Watch With Your Girl Gang To Celebrate Galentine's day

First Wives Club

Four young friends promised to be there for each other for the rest of their lives when they graduated. In the present day, after decades, they have lost touch and reunite when one of them commits suicide after learning about her husband’s infidelity. The three friends discover that they aren’t doing much better in their respective marriages and unite in support. The film is a story of friends who haven’t stayed in touch for years but their love for each other has stayed. In short, the story is about 3 long lost friends who come together to take down their ex-husbands. Need I say more?

Also, unlock the luxury of self-love by pampering yourself on valentine’s day!

Princess Diaries

Yet another movie that isn’t just about friendship and stuff, but also about that teenage warmth that every girl misses once in a while. This movie is so heart-warming! A double feature Princess Diaries (both the movies) night is a fantastic way to celebrate Galentine’s Day.

Legally Blonde

We love to see two women who are pitted against each other, team up to take down the pig-headed men in their lives. The story also shows how the girl goes after a boy who underestimates her and discovers herself along the way. If you can’t fall under the spell of this heart warmer, check for a pulse.

Movies & Shows To Watch With Your Girl Gang To Celebrate Galentine's day

Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is another series about the coming-of-age comedy-drama is based in California and focuses on 15-year-old Devi Vishwakumar. She is just a teen but she’s given a hard lesson in life when her dad passed away. When Devi healed and went back to school, she was ready to reinvent herself and create a new social circle. From friendships and relationship drama, this show will keep you entertained all through!

Movies & Shows To Watch With Your Girl Gang To Celebrate Galentine's day

Here are some that could be totally relatable single ladies’ thoughts!

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