Another year, another Valentine’s Day! If you’re a woman who’s single this Valentine’s day, we’re sure you’ll be able to relate to this article. No matter who you are, but if you’re ‘bae-less’ this year, there are some general emotions all single ladies on Valentine’s Day go through. That means you aren’t alone in this, after all. Thus, without feeling too sorry for ourselves, let’s dive straight into it.

Here Are Thoughts Single Ladies On Valentine’s Day Would Defo Relate To: 

1. Here We Go Again!

First and foremost, as soon as February arrives, you see your friends with partners planning their Valentine’s Day like it’s their wedding day. And you have to be a good sport while helping them out with picking gifts and outfits. Moreover, the fact that it isn’t just the day anymore, it’s a whole week. As if one day wasn’t enough to remind you of your singularity. Why do people have to make such a fuss about Valentine’s Day by celebrating million other things? 

single ladies on valentine's day

2. Red Roses, Red Dresses, Red Teddy Bears, UGH!!!

Even if you love the color red, Valentine’s week automatically makes you hate the color. No matter what you see, it’s all RED! Girls wearing red dresses, boys holding red dresses, shops advertising big red teddy bears, so on! You suddenly want to throw away everything red you own, just because it reminds you of all the mushy couples.

red roses

thoughts single people have

3. Dost Dost Na Raha

All your friends have their girlfriends/boyfriends to celebrate these cheesy days with. So you’re stuck home binge eating and binge-watching sappy rom-com. You see your phone buzz and jump at the idea that your friend might be calling you to hang out, but they just want your opinion on their clothing or earrings. And you secretly wish that your friend fights with their S/O just so you two can hang out again.

single ladies on valentine's day (2)

4. Avoiding People

You just want to avoid people as much as possible because you know what they’re gonna say as soon they see you. There’s going to be the usual “Are you still single?”, “You still haven’t found someone?”, or that matchmaker friend who always goes, “You should meet XYZ, you two will hit it off”. Just leave us alone! We don’t need somebody just because it’s Valentine’s Day. We just need you to stop making us feel horrible about being single.

why are you still single

5. Arrange Marriages?

The fact that you haven’t found your special someone yet starts bothering you even more during Valentine’s week. Watching random girls holding flowers, or couples holding hands starts to bother you and makes you feel all the more lonely as ever. You start wondering if arrange marriage is your last resort. Mummy-Papa hi dhund denge, humse na ho payega!

arrange marriage single ladies on valentine's day

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6. Food Is BAE!

When you realize that watching rom-com or scrolling through your social media isn’t helping, it is food that truly comforts you. You start considering the option to marry fries, pizza, and burgers. After all, they’re here for you without any judgment or excuse. Pizza Hut walo se kundli match karwa hi lete hain.

food is love

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7. The Real Test

Even after all that, there does come a weak moment where you consider downloading Tinder or worse texting your ex. After all, we’re all humans. But we know that nothing good will come out of it and that it’s all because of this Valentine’s week. Type..delete…type..delete..lock the screen. Sounds familiar?

texting your ex

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Lastly, we need you all to know that being single isn’t that horrible as February might make you feel. You’re all smart and strong-headed women, who only need to focus on what makes y’all happy. It’s not that bad for single ladies on Valentine’s Day as it may seem. You can always take yourself out for a date and pamper yourself.

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