There are numerous mehendi designs that are trending. From customized designs to traditional motif designs, mehendi designs are a blend of amazing patterns. So, we got in touch with some of the expert mehendi artists who have years of experience under their belt. These mehendi artists have shared some key tricks of the trade! From how brides can ensure that their mehendi turns darker, tips on how to maintain mehendi post-application, to the latest mehendi designs.  

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Bridal Mehndi By Jyoti Chheda

Jyoti Chheda is an expert mehendi artist who is known to be a favorite of many celebrities. She tells us that it is best for most brides to leave the freshly applied mehendi for as long as possible. The most recommended time is for about 4 to 6 hours before scraping it off. To ensure that the mehendi color stays on for a longer time, Vicks comes in handy. Vicks provides warmth that invigorates heat and makes your mehendi darker for a longer time.

Jyoti also adds that the most trending mehendi designs for 2022 are customized love stories, portraits of parents, intricate detailing on feet mehendi designs and traditional wedding motifs. However, Jyoti is known to be a trendsetter for her famous pet portrait mehendi designs which most brides love!

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Harin’s Mehndi By Harin Dalal For Portrait Mehendi Designs

Harin Dalal is deemed for his amazing portrait mehendi designs that are simply stunning! He tells us that the best way to maintain your mehendi darker is to avoid touching water for at least 12 to 14 hours. He adds that taking clove steam or rubbing oil on the mehendi can after scraping the mehendi can ensure a darker hue.

According to Harin, the latest mehendi designs for 2022 include the favorite travel destinations of the bride and groom. Along with that, personalized moments and expressive portraits are also favorites among many!

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Henna By Payal Sharma

Payal Sharma shares with us a detailed list of pre mehendi and aftercare lists that are sure to help many brides! She recommended that brides exfoliate their hands and legs a day prior to the mehendi application. Applying sugar and lemon syrup once the mehendi is semi-dry will keep it intact and prevent it from scraping off on its own. She also suggests applying coconut oil before showering and keeping your hands warm till your wedding day to ensure a darker hue.

Payal shares that there are many brides who opt to use ‘me fix’ tapes to secure their mehendi design overnight. This tape can be removed in the morning easily as it scraps off mehendi along with it; without causing any hassle. Whereas when it comes to trending mehendi designs for 2022, the top favorite is couples representing their love story. Also, location of prosomal, dates, pets and common interests seem to be the other trending mehendi designs.

Mehendi Artists Mehendi Designs for 2022

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Mehendi Artist Mishma Kamal gives us a quick insight that darker mehendi color can be achieved only when you wait patiently till the mehendi dries completely. Apart from that, she explains that it is best to avoid touching water for at least 8 hours, applying coconut oil and lemon-sugar syrup are the best aftercare.

Mishma shares that initials, customized wedding dates along with bride and groom figurines are the latest mehendi designs for 2022. The floral motif designs and cultural transcripts are also coming back in trend and many brides are opting for the same.

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Mehendi Artist Komal Khot For Quirky Mehendi Designs

Mehendi artist Komal Khot tells us that we often forget to take proper aftercare which leads to a faster fading away of the mehendi. Most of the time constant washing of hands and scrapping mehendi within a couple of hours leads to faster fading. She suggests on applying Vicks or other balms to ensure your mehendi gets enough heat for darkening. Giving your palms some steam with cloves also helps in ensuring that your henna turns out darker. Also, cutwork, jaali, bride or groom figures, baraat, and other wedding motifs are the top trending mehendi design for 2022.

Mehendi Designs for 2022 Mehendi Designs for 2022

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