There is nobody who would love and irritate you at the same time as your brother. Yes, they are always on your nerves but you literally cannot live without them. These types of brothers are spotted at every Indian wedding and you cannot deny it. They obviously don’t show but every brother gets emotional at her sister’s wedding. Now whom do you relate your ‘bro’ with?

Scroll Down Below To Know The Types Of Brothers You Will See At Indian Weddings :

1. The Bodyguards

You know your brothers have always got your back no matter what. And at your wedding, who else will be having your back than them? This bond is truly a special one.

Types Of Brothers

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Save this brother of the bride checklist for her big day.

2. The Troublemakers

The ones who will spoil you and then get you into trouble just so that they can enjoy it while you are getting yelled at by your parents.

Brothers at Indian weddings

3. The Doting And Caring Ones

While they leave no chance to irritate you, they are the ones who can give their heart to you. These will always stand by your side and never leave you ever.

brothers at weddings

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4. The Emotional One

Your brother just cannot bear not having you around, shouting at him, making fun of him. He is surely going to miss you the most once you are gone.

brother of the bride

Things that a bride’s brother feels when his sister gets married.

5. The Ones Who Are Always Up For A Shoot

Getting dressed for your bhai is already a task and when his dapper looks are on point at your wedding, do you think he is not going to have a photoshoot? 

Types Of Brothers

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6. Your Dance Partner Forevaaa

Well, since childhood you both have been dancing your heart out in front of the television and following each hook step of the song. Your big day is the chance to show that your bro has got moves.

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How about these fun bride and brother dance songs for sangeet.

7. And Back To Reality

Do you think he will not get on your nerves on your big day? Well, not at all.

brother of the bride

Which of these is your brother? It’s truly the most beautiful and special bond and none can replace it. You are surely going to miss them too after your wedding. Just like the colours of a rainbow, the relationship between a brother and a sister has many shades. 

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