Calling out a brother of the bride who is getting married soon! Are you engulfed by a wave of emotions? Well, chin up young kings as your baby sister is all grown up into a beautiful woman and is about to start her new beginning. From tying the knot on your wrists to committing herself into a new knot of life with her soulmate, you should be standing along her side at every step. 

From fighting to loving every ounce of this brother-sister bond is unmatched and divine. And, while it’s obvious for a bride-to-be to be a little cranky or emotional or exhausted, you as a brother of the bride should remain calm throughout this journey as her support system and making it all memorable and perfect for her.

So here’s some of the list of duties every brother of the bride must take under his wings:

1. Be The Wedding Planner For Your Sister’s Wedding!

Make sure to establish contact with photographers, decorators, caterers, and other wedding vendors beforehand to avoid last moment drama or confusion. This helps in smooth sailing during the entire journey of the wedding day.

2. As A Brother Of The Bride, It’s Your Responsibility To Keep The Josh “High” Among Your Squad!

Create a WhatsApp group to remain in touch with everyone. Make sure coordination is maintained throughout the wedding. 

3. Make Her Bachelorette Memorable

Surprise your sister with an extravagant bachelorette trip with her girlies. After all, she deserves some amazing times with her best friends.

4. Don’t Forget To Pour Your Heart Out One Last Time

As a brother of the bride, this should be your primary job. Talk to her, listen to what she wants to tell you and make sure to communicate well from your end. Promise her to be by her side and make her dream wedding come true.

brother of the bride

Image Source: Knotty Days

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5. Be Her Personal Assistant Like Literally!

Make sure your sister is your priority for all the days leading upto the wedding. Be her go to shopping partner, her personal driver and what not. 

P.S. Don’t frown over her nonstop salons visits as that’s what a bride-to-be should be doing!

bridal entry

Image Source: Reminiscence Photography

bride squad

Image Source: Amrit Photography

brother of the bride duties

Image Source: Cine Love Productions

6. An Unforgettable Souvenir For The Apple of Your Eye

Gift her something memorable. A present that would remind her of you… So, get on a hunt already because you are the brother of the bride!

family of the bride

Image Source: Anoop Photo

family portraitImage Source: Hitched And Clicked

7. Don’t Forget To Take Care of Your Jiju And The Baaratis

Take the responsibility of welcoming your jiju and all the baaratis at the wedding venue. Afterall, that’s what a brother of the bride should be doing!

8. Brother of The Bride, Don’t Make Any Compromises When It Comes To Entertaining Your Guests!

Everyone must be enjoying the beautiful day. Make sure all the arrangements are to the point and guests are actually having a good time.

9. Walk Down The Aisle With Her Just Like Old Days!

Walk her to the mandap…Assure her that with you by her side everything will go smoothly.

brothers of the bride

Image Source: Shades Photography

brother of the bride

Image Source: Saurabh Rungta Photography

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10. Joota Chupai Rasam Needs Your Valued Contribution. Don’t Forget!

Help your sister’s BFFs in this endeavor. Well, you will receive brownie points from them as well!

11. Make It Special For Her By Playing Her Favorite Tracks

Playing all her favourite songs must be the duty of brother of the bride during sangeet and cocktail night. She should be enjoying it. Right? 

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12. Take The Responsibility of Booze On Your Shoulders

The alcohol scene should be all under your control. So, brothers make it safe and have a grand night of booze and celebration. Keep on saying “Aakhir Meri Behen Ki Shaadi Hai”.

brothers of the bride

Image Source: Shutter Down Photography

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13. Gupshup With Your Soon-To-Be Jiju!

Have a chit chat with your jiju. Make him feel comfortable. Talk to him in a way that doesn’t go overboard. Warn him though to keep your princess with care! 

brother of the bride

Image Source: Reflexion By NS

14. Be Prepared For An Emotional Goodbye

Your heart will yearn “tu thodi der aur theher jaa” but you gotta say her a goodbye.


Image Source: Safarsaga Films

brothers of the bride

Image Source: Nimboo Photo

So, boys, make sure you take these brother of the bride duties seriously and make it memorable for your sister in every possible way.


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