The second wave of Covid-19 in India has wreaked havoc in many of our lives. And in these trying times, the internet has been a great source of help. When it came to Covid aid information people from all over the country came together to help one another. And we got to witness the most beautiful side of humanity during these harsh times. But what made it all possible and easy was the internet. No matter which state people belonged to, they were ready to procure help for strangers with the help of the internet. So, we’ve broken down a list of Instagram handles that are actively providing verified Covid resources for people in need. Read on!

Browse & Follow These Insightful Instagram Handles For Covid Aid Information-

1. Covid Aid Resources 

Covid Aid Resources, India has been a great source of information regarding hospital beds, oxygen cylinders, and concentrators. Their page provides regular updates regarding all the resources and keeps their feed updated. They provide Pan-India, as well as, state-wise information as well.

covid aid resources

Covid Aid Resources

2. Faye D’Souza

Well-known journalist, Faye DSouza, has been a prominent figure on social media for providing no-nonsense information. Her Instagram handle is all about stating clear facts. And with the country battling the second wave of Coronavirus, Faye stepped up and used her platform to spread resourceful guidelines for the same. From news to aid, you can find it all on her Instagram page.

Faye Dsouza

3. Girl Up Abaadh

Girl Up campaign is an initiative of the United Nations Foundation to encourage and unite girls all over the world. And ever since Covid-19 hit India in its harsh second wave, they’ve used their platform to provide resourceful details regarding the Covid resources. They regularly update their feed with new and verified information regarding beds, oxygen, testing, doctors, meals, etc. However, they’re only providing this information for Delhi.

girl up abaadh

Girl Up Abaadh

4. Dhoondh

An NGO started as an initiative to connect plasma donors with Covid patients in need has now become a reliable source for many patients looking for plasma donations. They’ve amplified the need and importance of plasma donation through their handle. And have matched many donors to donees. Ever since lack of oxygen started hitting families hard, they used their Instagram page to connect oxygen donors with people in need. You may visit their website for more information.

dhoondh organisation


5. We Are Yuvaa

A team of well-informed youths run the Instagram handle and talk about social issues online. But due to the pandemic, they have channeled their young blood towards amplifying useful covid aid resources. You may visit their ‘Guides’ section to find a consolidated list of Covid relief resources, as well as, foundations that need donations.

oxygen information

We Are Yuvaa

6. Silence The Violence

Another youth-led organization that aims to raise awareness regarding social and mental health issues. STV has done a great job at providing a concise list of Pan-India resources. Their ‘Guide’ section has a state-wise distribution of covid resources. It is a great help for someone looking for resources in a particular area without having to go through every single slide. 

covid patient

Silence The Violence

7. Yellow Warriors

Food enthusiast, Himanshu Sehgal, started his food journey with his Instagram account- My Yellow Plate. And when it came to showing up for the community during the second wave of the pandemic, he launched Yellow Warriors to amplify resources. The page is filled with verified lead sources for pan-India. Providing meal sources for people in need, as well as, bursting myths regarding Covid-19.

yellow warriors covid aid information

Yellow Warriors

8. Rasna Bhasin

Digital creator, Rasna Bhasin, showed up for people in need by using her social media platform to amplify the voices of people in need. When the second wave started showing the worst of it, Rasna Bhasin decided to put her regular posting on a hold. And started spreading positivity along with crucial information regarding Covid-19. She actively shares reliable resources and her team constantly verifies every piece of information.  She’s a great example of how each one of us can make a difference.

Rasna Bhasin

Rasna Bhasin

Please make sure to cross-check all pieces of information. And stay safe!

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