Your wedding photographs are literally the thing that you look forward to after all is done. Right? Well, why not, it was the greatest and most beautiful moment of your life and you so want to have the perfect photographs of it. Memories captured by cameras will be your forever reminder of this wonderful event. One glance and you can look back and see the fun and tears of joy.

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Here are the unique wedding photography ideas that will surely keep the spark of your love for years.

1. Pre-Wedding

Today, this has become a tradition. A pre-wedding photoshoot is usually done weeks or months before the actual wedding. It gives the couple the chance to show their affection to each other. The photographers and assistants will guide you to make beautiful poses.

Expect to get tired after the photography but it’s all worth it. Pre-wedding photography is one of the most popular trends all over the world.  

wedding photography

2. Candid

Candid moments show simple but genuine happiness. Long ago, wedding photos were far from being fun and cheerful. Most of them appear to be so dramatic and deep. 

Forget about those, this time never forget to capture candid moments. The pictures will tell a happy story. It will pass the positive energy anytime you look back for some memories of your wedding. 

Candid wedding photography

3. Gown Attention

It is natural for any photographer to give fair attention to the bride’s gown. It is the most impressive and gorgeous thing at the wedding. It deserves the same attention as the woman of the night.

white bridal gown

4. The Classic Hug

This may be common but it must be given proper attention to come up with the perfect shot. Your wedding album will never be complete without it.

sikh couple wedding photography

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5. The Slow Dance

Again, this is one of the most extravagant moments when the couple dances for the first time as a couple at their wedding celebration. This is really worth capturing The slow dance is seen as intimate and sacred. The bride and groom share every bit of love and success.

unique wedding photography

6. The Happy Glance

Weddings are all about some really precious moments of the couple with touches of laughter and smiles on their faces. All the happiness must be shown at this moment.

wedding photography tips

7. Gentle Forehead Kiss

Rather than a dramatic and complicated pose, this is more of a true feeling. It is a showcase of tender loving care for each other.

couple photography ideas

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8. Embrace From The Back

This is another intimate pose. It is a must try as it shows how much do you trust each other. It also adds a touch of romance to your wedding album.

wedding photography tips for couples

9. Drone Photography

The most latest innovations in the field of Wedding Photography are not just unique photography styles and poses. Mostly, it is greatly influenced by new technology. The industry of technological development has always played a major role here. No matter how wonderful the idea is, the photographer can only bring it to reality through specific gadgets and equipment. One of those is what we call drones.

Drone Photography

This is an expensive tool and one wrong move can ruin the whole thing. If you are not well-trained, you’ll just waste a precious item. Drones can take a shot from the sky. Taking breathtakingly smooth videos from the air and seeing what one might not be able to see his entire life. Drones can help to show how nice the venue of the wedding is. This trend managed to make its way to Wedding Photography around many corners of the globe.

10. Same-Day-Edit Videos

Couples are not the only persons who wait for their wedding day. There were times when the guests are more excited about everything, especially the video recording of the ceremony. Couples used to wait for days, if not months to get the video of their wedding, and then show it to others. The long process that used to take so much time is something that photographers are now doing within hours or minutes. Of course, this requires a team of people to do the job but it’s really possible.

unique wedding photography tips

Same-Day-Edit videos give a recap of the whole thing that happened on the same day. While the wedding ceremony is going on, the photographer will start shooting and then he or she will edit the video within few minutes. They will add every single moment that is important. The photographers will then compile and display the video during the wedding so the guests can enjoy it too.

11. Dream Come True

It’s never too late nor too early to fulfill a dream. Generally, women have been dreaming of their own wedding for years. All the details are lingering only in their minds. Now that it comes to reality, why not capture the face of a woman at her most awaited moment?

unique wedding photography ideas

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