While weddings in 2021 are taking place in full swing, it’s time you look out for Tamil Muhurtham Dates In 2022. The Tamil wedding calendar is popularly known as ‘muhurtha naal’ and your wedding dates should be finalised according to this only. Yes, you do have 2021 in your hands but you never know what might happen so bookmark your Shubh Muhurtham dates in 2022 for your grand wedding celebrations.

Take Note Of The Best Tamil Muhurtham Dates In 2022 According To The Tamil Calendar –

1. Wedding Dates In January

With a week’s gap in almost every date, you have got enough time to prep for weddings.

14th January 2022 – Friday

20th January 2022 – Thursday

27th January 2022 – Thursday

28th January 2022 – Friday

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Tamil Muhurtham Dates In 2022

Image Source: Wedding Cinemas

2. Tamil Muhurtham Dates In 2022 In February

Well, this is literally a heavy saya month so gear up already.

6th February 2022 – Sunday

11th February 2022 – Friday

18th February 2022 – Friday

21st February 2022 – Monday

25th February 2022 – Friday

27th February 2022 – Sunday

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3. Wedding Dates In March According To Tamil Calendar

You can rest and prepare for weddings in March in 2022

4th March 2022 – Friday

9th March 2022 – Wednesday

10th March 2022 – Thursday

tamil wedding dates

Image Source: Vijayeesam

4. Shubh Muhurtham Dates In April

With continuous wedding dates, this one seems to be a hectic one for all.

14th April 2022 – Thursday

15th April 2022 – Friday

17th April 2022 – Sunday

18th April 2022 – Monday

21st April 2022 – Thursday

22nd April 2022 – Friday

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5. Tamil Wedding Dates In May

Another one where you will be all caught up with weddings.

11th May 2022 – Wednesday

12th May 2022 – Thursday

13th May 2022 – Friday

18th May 2022 – Wednesday

20th May 2022 – Friday

25th May 2022 – Wednesday

26th May 2022 – Thursday

27th May 2022 – Friday

6. Tamil Wedding Dates In June

Well, it seems like it will be ringing wedding bells all of June.

1st June 2022 – Wednesday                                                             

6th June 2022 – Monday                                                             

10th June 2022 – Friday

12th June 2022 – Sunday

13th June 2022 – Monday

15th June 2022 – Wednesday

16th June 2022 – Thursday

22nd June 2022 – Wednesday

23rd June 2022 – Thursday

Shubh Muhurtham Dates In 2022

Image Source: Weva Photography

7. Shubh Muhurtham Dates For July 2022

The first half of July will be a full on wedding season for all of you.

3rd July 2022 – Sunday

4th July 2022 – Monday

6th July 2022 – Wednesday

8th July 2022 – Friday

10th July 2022 – Sunday

11th July 2022 – Monday

14th July 2022 – Thursday

8. Marriage Muhurtham In November

And after a very long break, you still have three wedding dates.

20th November 2022 – Sunday

25th November 2022 – Friday

27th November 2022 – Sunday

Tamil wedding calendar

Image Source: Vivek Krishnan Photography

9. Muhurtham Dates In December

How about an amazing winter wedding in the winters?

2nd December 2022 – Friday

4th December 2022 – Sunday

9th December 2022 – Friday

So, now that you have got the calendar for Tamil wedding dates 2022 right in front of you, what are you waiting for? Get your wedding planning started already and start by booking the best wedding vendors from ShaadiWish.

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