There’s a new trend in town, y’all! Using cane and wicker baskets as wedding decor. While the decor is more of a personal choice, we think cane and wicker baskets will suit your style no matter what your preference may be. The reason being that not only are they very trendy, but also a very neutral piece of decor to add as a prop. The earthy tones will blend in with any kind of style. They’re extremely easy to stylize as a decor item and look very chic as well.

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Let Us Tell You How To Use Cane And Wicker Baskets As A Part Of Your Wedding Decor-

1. Use Cane And Wicker Baskets To Add A Floral Touch

If there’s anything that’s a timeless wedding decor piece, it has to be flowers. Floral decorations find their way through every wedding decoration. And a very pretty and fresh way to include your floral decorations is to use wicker baskets to hold those beauties. Together, the colorful flowers and the neutral wicker baskets look astounding.

floral wicker baskets

Colorblind Productions

cane and wicker baskets with flowers

KV Decor Goa

wicker baskets with floral decor

The Light Smiths

cane and wicker basket decor

cane & wicker basket decor

The House On Clouds

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2. Dangle ‘Em From The Trees For A Quirky Look

Use those cute cane and wicker baskets as hanging options for your outdoor venue. You can add colorful thread tulle to give a pop of color. They match the natural theme of the outdoor venue and also elevate your decor beautifully.

outdoor decor with wicker baskets

With Love Nilma

wicker basket decor


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3. Cane And Wicker Baskets Look Lovely With Lights

You can incorporate cane and wicker baskets as an excellent light decor by hanging them over the dining area or the seating arrangement. They add beautiful neutral tones to hold and also give lovely reflective shadows. The wicker baskets are lightweight and serve as a great alternative to the plastic lighting materials. 

lighting decor with baskets

Reels & Frames

trending wedding decor

Bride & Breakfast

lighting wicker basket decor

The Wedding Salad

minimal lighting decor


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4. Aesthetic Corner Pieces

The trending wicker baskets can serve a very useful purpose aside from being a decor piece. They can be used to hold umbrellas and shawls for guests in case of weather change. Or can also be used as a corner piece with beautiful candle-lit decorations. 

wicker baskets as corner pieces

Green Wedding Shoes

umbrella holder baskets

SJS Events

wedding prop decor

The Knot

candle light wicker basket decor

Festival Brides

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5. Cane & Wicker Baskets As Ceiling Decor

Since this decor trend is here to stay, we love the fact that wicker baskets are a very eco-friendly decor item as opposed to plastics and other non-biodegradable materials. Their lightweight quality serves as a very safe and gorgeous ceiling decoration option for weddings. One can use all different shapes and sizes to give the wedding decor an artistic and abstract feel. Or choose a floral string attached to the baskets to make a beautiful backdrop.

cane & wicker baskets as ceiling decor

Constance Zahn

floral sring wicker decor

Altair Decor

teepee tent decor

Reels & Frames

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So, which way are you going to include cane and wicker baskets at your wedding? Tell us in the comments and don’t miss out on ShaadiWish approved wedding decorators. 

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