Winters can be harsh on your skin and we don’t want our brides-to-be to suffer the wrath of dry skin. So we’ve got some amazing skincare hacks for winter brides to keep their skin healthy. Skin irritation and dryness are very common problems that happen in winters. But with our beauty tips and hacks, you’ll have nothing to worry about. If you’re a winter bride, then take notes, ladies!

Skincare hacks for winter brides

Easy And Helpful Skincare Hacks For Winter Brides For Smooth Skin-

1. Keep Up With Your Workout Sessions

The winter season makes it hard for all of us to get out and get going. But working out and exercising helps to keep us active and healthy. While the health benefits of exercising are not unknown to anyone, there are beauty benefits as well. Exercising helps in blood flow circulation throughout our body. As a result, the blood flow makes our skin glow. You can do yoga or cardio for 20-30 mins per day and you’re got to go.

yoga workout

2. Use Essential Oils For Your Skin

Applying facial oils to your skin has a lot of benefits. Using cold-pressed essential oils can help you lock in the moisture and replenish your skin. Choose a facial oil that suits your skin. The great thing about facial oil is that it’s lightweight and does not grease your skin.

essential oils for winter skincare

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3. Lip Balms To Keep The Dryness At Bay

Our lips tend to get the worst of winters. Since it gets colder, we don’t hydrate ourselves as often as we should. And as a result, our skin gets dehydrated. But the area that suffers the most is our lips. The lips get really dry in winters, and the only way to cure them is by applying moisturizing chapstick. Keep your chapsticks with you at all times. You can also apply Vaseline jelly to them.

lip care in winters

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4. Always Moisturize

Whenever you wash your face or get rid of your makeup, do not forget to apply a hydrating moisturizer. A moisturizer helps you lock in the essential oils and keeps it from getting dry. You definitely don’t want your skin to look flakey or dry, do you? 

winter skincare for brides

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5. Maintain A Healthy Diet

It’s important to be mindful of what you put on your body, and equally important what you put inside it as well. A healthy diet that is rich in green vegetable and fiber foods will help you maintain your bridal glow throughout the year. No matter what the season maybe, if you’ve been eating well and healthy, you’ve got nothing to worry about. A healthy and balanced diet will help you stay in shape as well as beautiful looking skin. And don’t forget to hydrate.

Healthy diet for healthy skin

6. Exfoliate Those Dead Skins Away

It may sound odd to scrub your face in winters as the skin is sensitive to dryness. But exfoliating your skin once or twice a week will help you get rid of the dead skin cells. When you shed the dead skin, your body regenerates new and healthy skin cells. Use a gentle scrub or make a homemade scrub. So don’t skip the exfoliating process, ladies.


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7. Don’t Ditch The SPF

Don’t put away your sunscreens just because summer is over. The winter sun is as harmful as the summer. In fact, your skin is prone to more damage in winter due to dryness and sensitivity. Sunscreens block the UV rays from harming your skin, and you need that protection all year long. Dermatologists have confirmed that SPF protection is necessary for winters as well. 

sunscreen for winter skincare

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8. Bathe In Lukewarm Water

We know how much we all love long hot water showers, but hot water tends to damage the skin. Yes, the hot water feels great during the winters, but it also makes the skin itchy and dry. Try to use lukewarm water and keep your shower time short. 

lukewarm showers

9. Invest in Body Butter

Another one of the skincare hacks for winter brides is using body butter. It may sound fancy, but body butter is rich in essential oils and help keep your skin smooth and moisturized. Apart from hydrating your skin, it also smells yummy which is a bonus. 

body butter for winter skin

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There you go, ladies, we hope these skincare hacks for winter brides are helpful to you. If you’ve got some hacks of your own, do share them with us in the comments.

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