To Our Dearest Pretty Newly Wed Brides,

While you are about to celebrate your first Diwali after marriage, you might be feeling a mix of emotions. It is a bittersweet moment! While you are excited to celebrate with your new family, you might be missing your parents, siblings and grandparents.

first diwali after wedding

Here Are Some Thoughts That Every Newly Wed Bride Has On Her First Diwali After Wedding –

1. Missing Your Parents

It’s the first time you will be celebrating Diwali without them and you may have not thought about it, but you will surely miss them today more than ever.

First Diwali

2. Adjusting To The New Traditions With Your New Family

Since, it’s your first Diwali with your in-laws, there might be a lot of traditions and customs you are not familiar with. But it’s okay, gradually you will get to know all about it.

Diwali after wedding

3. You Miss Your Siblings Too

Yes, you fight a lot but it’s time like these that you just cannot be separated from them. Agree?

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4. Getting All Dressed Up For The Festival

Since, it’s your first Diwali after marriage, you ought to look your best and get all dolled up for the festivities.

Diwali after marriage

5. All The Amazing Gifts Coming Your Way

Well, the new ‘bahu’ of the house has to be pampered and obviously, deep inside you are so excited for all these gifts.

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6. Making Mithais For Everyone

While you may have never made sweet delicacies yourself ever, here in your new home you are literally playing the role of a masterchef 😛

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7. You Search For Your Husband Everywhere

Since you are surrounded by guests and in-laws all the time, you have some great satisfaction when you spot your BAE in the middle of these festivities.

8. You Are Totally Nervous About The Festivities

However hard you try but you are happy and anxious all at the same time . You so want that everything goes as it is planned.

9. All You Want Is Your Family Around

Because they are the only one who can calm you at this moment and make you the happiest.

10. Calling Your Mother At The End Of The Day

You can’t wait to call your mother and tell her how nicely everything happened and that feeling is just amazing.

diwali after wedding

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