Anand Karaj is the religious name for the Sikh wedding ceremony and these eye-catching Anand Karaj decor ideas are too exquisite. From floral decor to simple tassel decor, these are just the best to have that charm in your wedding. It is truly one of the most beautiful wedding ceremonies you will ever experience.You will love the contrasting and pastel decor trends and we are sure your wedding will absolutely be one in a million.

We have found you some really alluring Anand Karaj setups for your dreamy and blissful Sikh wedding that you will absolutely adore. Whether you are planning to have your wedding by the beach or at some spectacular destination, these ideas are just perfect for you.

Pin Down These Dreamy Anand Karaj Decor Ideas For Your Upcoming Sikh Wedding –

1. How Many Flowers Are Too Many Flowers?

We totally adore this floral decoration and are truly loving the vibe of it. The pink and white carnations are just too pretty.

Anand Karaj Decor Ideas

Image Source: Anoop Studio

2. Doesn’t It Look Like Straight Out Of A Fairytale?

We are all hearts for this gorgeous pink hued decor with such gorgeous pink flowers that are just so pleasing to our eyes.

sikh wedding ideas

Image Source: The Global Design Co.

3. Another Setup That Just Took Our Heart Away

Absolutely adoring this all white setup which speaks of serenity and looks divine as ever. Don’t you think so too?

anand karaj setup

Image Source: Big Phat Indian Weddings

These wedding decor ideas on budget that you must take inspiration from.

4. A Perfect Blend Of Red And White For Anand Karaj Ceremony

We just cannot seem to take our eyes off this gorgeous red and white Anand Karaj setup which is so remarkable.

wedding decor ideasImage Source: L’Esacpe

5. Bookmark These Decor Ideas For Your Ultimate Sikh Wedding

Just cannot take our eyes off this outstanding decor for a Sikh wedding by the beach and we love how they keep their decor so minimal and classy.

beach wedding ideas

Image Source: MP Singh Photography

Well, we are all hearts for this intimate wedding that took place in the backyard of a house and we completely love the rustic theme decor.

Anand Karaj Decor Ideas

Image Source: Natural Oasis Events

Look out for more backyard wedding decor ideas for intimate weddings.

6. We Bet You Are Surely Going To Opt For This One

Yes, we too are stunned by this outstanding floral decor that looks just WOW and we are loving how the beach is a perfect backdrop for it.

sikh wedding decor

Image Source: Pavarit & Co.

Currently crushing over this breathtaking decor idea with pastel flowers and cushions. Also, do not miss how they have used petals for the entrance to make everything top notch.

wedding decor trends

Image Source: Arora Events

If you are looking for splendid stage decor ideas for your nuptials.

7. Sikh Wedding Decor Ideas You Must Pin Down Right Away

Well, minimal decor is the new normal and this one is just too beautiful. We surely cannot take our eyes off this splendid decor idea.

outdoor wedding decor ideas

Image Source: Anoop Studio

Pin down this one with drapes and such pretty ceiling decor ideas. Isn’t this one classy and elegant at the same time?

wedding decor trends

Image Source: Ombre By HJ

Gorgeous ceiling decor ideas, you must consider for your wedding.

For those who always wish to go bold and OTT, this one with flowers and candles is just the right pick for you all.

Anand Karaj Decor Ideas

Image Source: Duke Images

8. Simple Anand Karaj Setups For Intimate Weddings

Following the new trend of intimate weddings, this one with such simple and easy-peasy decor is our favorite.

intimate wedding decor ideas

Image Source: Dipak Studios

Have a look at this couple’s  lockdown Sikh wedding which is just too adorable.

9. Some Decor Ideas Just Take Our Heart Away

We are head over heels in love with this one with such pretty floral decorations and how gorgeous are those peacocks at the entrance.

floral decor ideas

Image Source: Tanvi & Co.

For those of you who had always wanted a royal wedding, this decor setup is what you should go for.

sikh wedding decor

Image Source: Weddings By Vivaah

Don’t miss out on this intimate Sikh wedding with the couple in coordinated wedding outfits.

Mesmerised by the beauty of this absolutely white Anand Karaj setup, surely indicating the start of something special and divine.

floral anand karaj decorImage Source: Charming Affairs Decor

Basked in shades of pink, this setup is our favorite and we have already pinned down this for our wedding.

sikh wedding trends

Image Source: Modgill Tent And Decorators

Loving this colorful setup for Anand Karaj setup which is sure to have all the attention.

wedding decor ideas

Image Source: Pinterest

So, without any further ado, save the ones that you absolutely adore. We assure you that these will make your wedding one in a million. Whether minimalistic or OTT, these Sikh wedding decor ideas are a treat to our eyes and everyone will surely be drooling over it. Anand Karaj has always been special to us and these setups just made us fall in love with it all over again.

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