Punjabi Weddings in India are believed to be the most grand weddings. Believe it or not but Punjabi weddings are one of the most fun-filled weddings in India. The amount of energy and positive vibe they have at their weddings is totally unmatched and we all just love it.

This checklist will surely help you have a dhamakedaar and as we all say ‘big fat Punjabi wedding’. We bet you will not regret considering this and it will help you have a perfectly planned wedding. So, get started now and take down notes for the most happening and ultimate Punjabi wedding.

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1. Brides-To-Be, Consider These Wedding Attires

If you are a Punjabi bride, then you must consider Phulkaris and Patiala salwars for your wedding attire or bridal trousseau.

Punjabi Weddings

Image Source: Isrrani Photography

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2. Well, Dhols Should Be Present 24/7

Hello, what is even a Punjabi wedding without some dhol. No Punjabi wedding is a big fat punjabi wedding without Dhol walas and especially without Bari Barsi being played. 

dhol at weddings

Image Source: Weddingrams

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3. The Gharoli Ceremony

The gharoli ceremony is a very famous tradition in Punjabi weddings and you must make sure to have a proper one with a troop of dholis to have some real fun.

punjabi wedding ritulas

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4. Shiny And Blingy Outfits

You will always see bridesmaids dressed up in such loud and bold colors outfits because they are all about show-off.

5. Good Food And Especially Chicken

No doubt, when it comes to eating Punjabi’s cannot be compared with anyone and if there is chicken on the menu then they are in for a treat.

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6. Loud Music And DJ

And, how cannot it happen at the wedding? You will hardly see them dancing on any romantic tracks because their energy level is always high.

Punjabi Weddings

Image Source: The Wedding Story

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7. Punjabi Weddings – Getting All The Booze Ready

The first thing you should always arrange while having a Punjabi wedding is booze because ‘kithe gai sharab di gaddi’ will always be on your guest’s mind.

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8. Jago Ceremony

The jago ceremony is the most fun part of Punjabi weddings and they are basically to start the wedding rituals. The idea is to celebrate the wedding and make merry by dancing and partying.

9. Chooda Ceremony At Punjabi Weddings

The chooda ceremony is an auspicious moment at Punjabi weddings and the bridesmaids really enjoy it with all the fun-filled kaleera games. You must include all these to have a memorable wedding.

punjabi wedding rituals

What are you waiting for now? We have literally made you the perfect Punjabi wedding checklist and we are sure this is going to be your savior. The way they celebrate and enjoy is what excites us and makes it different from other cultures. Let us know in the comment section if we missed out on something.

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