We all know that wedding trends keep on changing and these boring and done to dusted wedding trends in 2020 must be avoided. Weddings and everything with weddings really need to evolve with time. There are just so many things at Indian weddings that we are done with. We need to try out different things to make sure 2020 weddings stand out from those in 2019. We know that you all think the same and that is why we have decided to shortlist some of the old wedding trends that we are surely ditching.

Let’s keep up with the trends and make your wedding is the talk of the town with these amazing ideas that are going to be a hit in the upcoming wedding season. Note them down before you forget and miss anything.

These Wedding Trends In 2020 Are To Be Avoided If You Can –

1. Ditch The Grand And Bold Decor At Weddings.

We must tell you that minimalistic decor is the one you should go for. Minimalistic wedding decor ideas are here to rule the upcoming wedding season and are making big waves. Make sure it is eye-catchy and has everyone’s attention.

Wedding Trends In 2020

Image Source: Atisuto

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2. Please Stop Dramatic Bridal Entries.

We must tell you that the trend of dramatic bridal entries is really cliche now and nobody is really fond of these. Make an entrance that everybody remembers and let us tell you that having a grand one is no way to do so.

bridal entry ideas

Image Source: Knotty Days

3. Try Not To Keep Too Elongated And Complicated Hashtags.

Your guests won’t even remember the hashtag if it is too long or complicated. Simple wedding hashtags are ruling the weddings this year. Keep it classy and simple that it sounds good too.

wedding hashtags

4. Avoid Wedding Invitations.

Well, there are so many alternatives to wedding invitations nowadays. You can plan for a wedding website or send e-invites to your guests through WhatsApp. Why not save paper when you can actually do so? You know these invites will be a waste once your wedding functions are over. Create your wedding website here.

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5. No Fireworks Please.

There is enough pollution around us already that you don’t have to include it in your weddings. This wedding trend in 2020 is very important to ditch. We must stop having fireworks while entering or having a dance performance, it is just too mainstream.

Wedding Trends In 2020

6. Ditch The Pastel Colors Now.

2019 was all about brides wearing pastel lehengas on their D-day. Well, its high time you ditch those and go for bold and bright colors. We bet you will shine like a star in those colors too and you will not regret wearing it.

wedding trends

Image Source: White Frog Productions

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7. Grooms-To-Be, Enough With The Bandhgalas Now.

Florals are the new trend for grooms and you must make sure that at least one outfit of yours is a floral one. Aren’t you bored with the same plain sherwani and bandhgalas? Its time for you all to try something new and different.

groom portraits

Image Source: CineLove Productions

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8. Ditch The Concept Of Big Fat Indian Weddings.

We know everyone dreams of having a big fat Indian wedding but don’t you think that a cozy intimate destination wedding with your close family members and friends is what you really should have? Imagine having the best time of your life spent at the place that you love with the people you adore.

wedding decor

9. Not Compulsory To Have Similar Bridesmaids Outfits.

Bridesmaids, hear us out. It is not at all important that you all wear the exact same outfits for your BFF’s wedding. Try new things and you can coordinate in a different manner or just have the same upper or bottom. There are so many ways that you can opt for.

Wedding Trends In 2020

10. Stop Having Pre-Wedding Shoots With Those Cliche Poses.

Reality Check: Pre-wedding shoots are not always about lovey-dovey couple poses. Try having a fun-filled shoot where you actually enjoy and this should be a beautiful memory for you, not just a tiring photoshoot.

11. Wastage At Weddings Should Be Stopped.

Let’s try and avoid food wastage at weddings and thus we have introduced ‘Tohfa’ in collaboration with feeding India where the food that is not used at weddings will be given to the needy and poor. 

So stop thinking now as these wedding trends in 2020 are to be ditched and we assure you that these ideas are perfect for your dream wedding and you will not regret ditching these ideas that we chose over the ones in 2019. Start planning your wedding now with the help of these amazing ideas and trends.

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