We have always been looking for unique bridal entry ideas, but this groom entry will blow you away! An Indian groom has taken social media by storm, by skydiving into his own baraat and has broken all stereotypes. He has given major goals for groom entry ideas by skydiving into his own baraat and we are not kidding.

Akshay Yadav recently got married in Mexico to Gaganpreet and his baraat entry has been trending all over social media. He just gave all grooms-to-be some major inspiration and the world is still in shock. Isn’t it such a unique and great idea?

Check Out This Groom  Entry Where The Groom Skydives Into His Own Baraat & Gave Everyone The Chills –

1. Groom Entry Where The Groom Skydived Into His Own Baraat 


Musician Armaan Gupta posted his skydiving video on his social media account and you can see how the crowd is going crazy over his unique groom entry.

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2. How crazy is this? We are just loving it.

Groom entry

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We are sure this is going to top every groom’s list and all the brides-to-be should encourage their grooms to do something as adventurous and as crazy as this. This is surely going to be the trend for the upcoming wedding season and every groom should take major inspiration from this.

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