Most people while planning their budgets for weddings, tend to forget to factor DJ cost. A DJ might not be on priority on your wedding planning checklist. However, a DJ is very important for most of your wedding functions. Because Indian weddings without blaring loud music will be simply pale and boring. Basically the DJ gets the party grooving. 

A skilled DJ knows his audience and also how to call out the guests onto the dance floor if they are stuck in their seats. They should engage with the guests at times and make sure that your dance floor is packed all night because ‘Dj Waale Babu’ is there to make each person groove. 

DJ costs might vary depending on many factors. So, ShaadiWish has jotted down some points that might help you know the cost of hiring a DJ at weddings. 

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Services Offered By A DJ

DJ is basically a person who is the sole entertainer of the wedding, he tries his best and makes sure that everyone enjoys and dances their hearts out. DJ’s usually have their own equipment and setups. Some companies also provide lighting, photo booths, video screens, karaoke and much more for a fun-filled night.

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How Much Does A DJ Cost?

So, a DJ basically starts his package from INR 25,000 and this price may vary based on experience, popularity, and other factors. It also depends on if the wedding is a destination one or not. He may also be required to provide music during meals and at the beginning of the wedding. These are some of the factors included in the cost of DJ –

Time –

DJ cost also depends on the time spent at the site. He may have to come early for the setup and have to stay back later for dismantling it. He might also include additional charges for the time taken to travel at your venue. 

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Music –

You will have to meet your DJ again 3 – 4 weeks prior to your function to finalize the playlists and to go over the finer details of the entertainment. You obviously want to be sure of the songs that he is going to play at the wedding. If you want some kind of EDM or you want him to play at late hours, his charges will obviously increase.

Equipment –

Some DJ’s provide you with high-quality equipment like lighting, LED lights and much more audio and visual equipment to make your night a memorable one. For the best ones, a part of his cost goes into buying this equipment. A DJ also needs the perfect console and video screen behind him so that he can play visuals of songs. It helps in interaction with the guests and urges them to make it to the dance floor.

Travel –

A destination wedding can give rise to these charges as the DJ and his team will be traveling along with you and staying at the venue. Hence, it is advised to hire a local DJ if you are on a tight budget. 

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Booking A DJ –

Always book your DJ at least 3-4 months before your wedding because if you wait till the last moment and then book, their charges might increase.

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We at ShaadiWish have given you a guideline of how much does a DJ cost at weddings because long after everything is forgotten, the memories of dancing and music remains. We totally understand that this is an important aspect of a wedding which is sometimes taken for granted. But trust us, these are the ones who make your D- day memorable.

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