Exotic, Olive, Sun-kissed, tanned whatever you may call them, dusky brides are forever beautiful! If you are too are blessed with flawless dark coloured skin, you would probably be looking out for dusky bridal makeup looks for your wedding. We looked everywhere and found you some of the most on-point makeup looks, which are simply gorgeous and stunning. Save your favourite bridal look right away and let your makeup artist steal some inspirations too.

Check out these dusky bridal makeup looks and tips because they are the new favourite in the wedding industry!

1. Prep Your Skin With The Primary Cleansing Routine

Follow the general face cleansing routine religiously to have that flawless skin. Use a gentle exfoliating face wash to scrub away the dead skin. Later, apply moisturizer according to your skin type. Repeat this every day without fail.

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2. Pick The Right Foundation

Always pick a shade close to your skin tone. The worst mistake you can make is choosing a shade lighter than your skin tone, as it will make your skin look unnatural and patchy. You can also mix 1 or 2 shades to get the closest shade. 

3. Highlight Your Eyes And Lip Colour To Get That Glam Look

Dusky beauties are usually blessed with dark-coloured eyes. Play around with colours like burgundy, green, purple, earthy browns, and metallic copper. Also, smokey eyes look perfect with this skin tone.

You can opt for both matte and glossy lips to complete your dusky bridal makeup look. You can pick dark shades like berry, plums, burgundy or mauve, but nude lips look better on dark skin. P.S. apply a tiny amount of foundation before wearing lipstick to bring out the colour better on your lips.

Seek inspiration from these eye makeup ideas for your wedding.

These Dusky Bridal Makeup Looks will help you understand your skin better:

1. Bronze And Metallic Eyes With Soft Dewy Makeup!

Shades of brown and bronze to metallic gold on the lids with lined and kohled eyes look all stunning when clubbed with a dewy makeup!

dusky bridal makeup looks

Image Source: Jastina_Mua

Take inspiration from these dusky brides who nailed their wedding look.

dusky bridal makeup looks

Image Source: Kissed_By_Kaur

dusky bridal makeup looks

Image Source: Made In London Studio

dusky bridal makeup looks, eye makeup

Image Source: Jasmine Beauty Care

2. Smokey Eyes With Pink Lips

Smokey eyes are the best eye makeup looks that a dusky bride can opt for. Further, a tint of pink lips will add an edgy look to your overall appearance with going OTT!

dusky brides, smokey eyes

Image Source: Jaineesha_mua

dusky bridal makeup looks

Image Source: Jastina_Mua

dusky bridal makeup looks

Image Source: Gdavies Foto

3. Raspberry Glossy Lips With Perfectly Winged Eyeliner

Include winged eyeliner in your dusky bridal makeup look to make your eyes stand out!.

dusky bridal makeup looks

Image Source: Aligphoto

4. Red Lips With Highlighted Cheekbones

Make your red lips the main focal point of your bridal look with kohled eyes and highlighted cheekbones. P.S. bold eyebrows add charm to such dusky bridal makeup looks.

dusky bridal makeup looks

Image Source: Shivalry_Inc

5. Colour Coordinate Your Bridal Lehenga Colour With Your Lip Colour

The easiest tip ever is to add touches of your bridal lehenga colour in your bridal makeup look!

bridal lehenga tips

Image Source: Tarun Tahiliani

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