Looking for wedding planning tips to host a Bollywood look-alike wedding? Well, whenever we sort our wedding dance playlist, it always includes Karan Johar movie songs including “Bole Chuddiya” and “Pretty Woman”. After all, Karan Johar movie songs are the perfect mix of music beats and lyrics which can make anyone dance to its tunes.

And, while we have grown up watching Karan Johar movies that gave us some iconic love stories together with celebrating family hood, this man does know a lot about Indian rituals and traditions. And, which is why it would be all worth it planning a wedding Karan Johar Style..After all, it’s not every day that you get to host a wedding which is Karan Johar approved!

Check out how Karan Johar completely nailed the Q&A session based on wedding planning tips!

From what kind of wedding decor to opt for and what mithai to choose to what songs to dance on, Karan Johar had the most sorted answers to each of these wedding planning questions. So, c’mon, let’s just check them all out here.

Video Credits: Tweak India

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