The beauty of an Indian bride is extolled throughout the world. Beautiful eyes, delicate movements and that envious glow. Indian brides have something special in them that is bound to catch your attention. Being a diverse country, wedding traditions also vary throughout India. While every wedding is one of a kind, there is something raw and appealing about the south Indian weddings.
And one of the highlights what sets these weddings apart are the south Indian brides. They like to keep it simple so that their natural glow can do all the talking. Our beauty expert from Bangalore, Rekha Krishnamurthy, has some amazing makeup tips for the wonderful south Indian brides.

1. South Indian Brides’ Skin Care Routine

south indian wedding, best south indian brides, Rekha Krishnamurthy Bangalore, Rekha Krishnamurthy Makeup Artist
Most of the south Indian weddings take place in the morning which means that you cannot hide those dark circles and blemishes. In order to look flawless, make sure that you sleep well and stay hydrated throughout the festivities. Consult your artist and decide a routine that suits your skin type. Here’s what our makeup expert Rekha has to say on this:
“Wedding can be a stressed affair and south Indian weddings in particular are even more so due to a fairly large number of elaborate rituals. While it may take a toll on the bride, there is nothing better than a few hours of beauty sleep in the night.
Additionally, intake of sufficient amount of water can set things in order. I always advise my brides to stay hydrated no matter what and keep reminding them to sip water in between their makeup sessions. Since my brides consult me much in advance, I would have already recommended them a skin care routine based on their individual skin conditions and lifestyles which they religiously follow and there is nothing, in particular, that is required just a night before.”
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2. Different Looks For Different Occasions  

south indian wedding, best south indian brides, Rekha Krishnamurthy Bangalore, Rekha Krishnamurthy Makeup Artist
The world of makeup is evolving and we see a new trend every day. While artists love to express their styles using various tools, it can make things confusing for the brides to choose from the numerous on-going trends. Spilling the beans on the makeup looks that will be a hit among South Indian brides this year, Rekha says:   
“Most south Indian weddings have at least a minimum of three to four events and as a professional makeup artist, it is my responsibility to give my brides different looks for each of their occasions. Usually, the traditional wedding ceremony is a day affair.
Therefore, I refrain from using colours matching their outfits, especially for the eye makeup and instead, I concentrate on giving them a clean fresh and soft look with hues of bronze gold for the eyes, and red or pink matte lips.
This wedding season, the South Indian brides are back to wearing the rich Kanjeevaram sarees even for their reception, hence the responsibility of the makeup artist is to give the bride a look that is slightly non-traditional. So to achieve this, I usually give them a glam look using the colours matching their outfits and hairdos like soft curls, side messy bun or a fishtail braid with tasteful accessories that give them a different look.”
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3. Blinking Eyes

south indian wedding, best south indian brides, Rekha Krishnamurthy Bangalore, Rekha Krishnamurthy Makeup Artist
Indian brides majorly focus on their eyes when it comes to planning their bridal makeup. Big beautiful eyes are synonymous with South Indian brides. Choosing a perfect colour is essential for the same. Rekha sheds some light on this aspect:
“Bronze-gold is an all-time favourite colour. It suits almost all skin tones and it suits all shades of Kanjeevaram sarees as they mostly have a rich gold border.”
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4. Smiling Lips

south indian wedding, best south indian brides, Rekha Krishnamurthy Bangalore, Rekha Krishnamurthy Makeup Artist
Since the bride is going to smile a lot, why not render a beautiful touch to her lips by adding a subtle tint to it. Our beauty expert loves to use shades of red and pink for the bride. You can try that too. She suggests,
“My preference is matte red lips for the day and fuchsia pink for the evening. Red is one colour that is widely used in Indian weddings, and the south Indian weddings are no different. Pink suits most of the outfits and reflects differently on each bride.”
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5. Managing The Mane

south indian wedding, best south indian brides, Rekha Krishnamurthy Bangalore, Rekha Krishnamurthy Makeup Artist
A traditional South Indian bride prefers to braid her hair and decorate it with gajras and accessories. However, you can experiment with different hairstyles on your wedding reception. Rekha gushes,
“Most brides are bound by tradition, therefore, for the wedding, it is usually long braids with decorative hairpins and flowers such as jasmine and roses. For the reception though, the brides love the soft curls and fishtail braids.”
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6. Bookings

south indian wedding, best south indian brides, Rekha Krishnamurthy Bangalore, Rekha Krishnamurthy Makeup Artist
We all think twice before booking a makeup artist for any occasion and since it will be the wedding, it will be the most important makeup session of your life. Hence, Rekha suggests that a bride should take this very seriously and get done with her research and bookings as early as possible,
“Wedding for any girl is a precious affair the dream of which is woven over a period of time. Since each and every aspect of wedding is planned meticulously, it is very important for the bride to have the same approach in choosing a good makeup artist.
A good makeup artist is most of the time booked between 3 to 6 months ahead. So, if you have your basic details about your wedding sorted such as dates, venue and number of events, it is a good idea to finalise your artist at the earliest. Always choose an artist who is friendly and has the patience to hear you out. And do not confirm them without a trial.”
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These tips have come straight from one of the leading makeup artists in Bangalore who has been associated with a great deal of south Indian weddings. So make notes dear South Indian brides, if you wish to look flawless on your D-day.
The expert has said it, now it’s your turn to follow! Every bride is beautiful and we are sure that by following these tips, you will look even more ravishing.

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