Baniyas are a business community which is known for their big fat Indian weddings. A Baniya wedding is not just any simple affair but an entire carnival in itself. It is colourful, loud and engulfed with the thoughtful traditions. As elaborate as these weddings are, there are some things which you cannot find anywhere else. They carry the patent of Baniyas and will surely amaze you. So, here we bring to you the things that you will find only in a Baniya wedding!

1. It Is All About Glitter And Glamour

Indian Weddings, Baniya Weddings
To dress plainly is just not the Baniya style. You will find every female in her best clothes and jewellery. Even the males are decked up enough to give these women some serious competition.

2. Traditions And Ceremonies

Indian Weddings, Baniya Weddings
Baniyas have a ceremony for literally every moment that occurs in a wedding. There is the reception of baraat, neem jhadai, aarti and so on. You will hear the priest chanting every second of the wedding.

3. That Infamous ‘Shagun Ka Lifafa’

Indian Weddings, Baniya Weddings

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Baniyas are famous for handing out the shagun ka lifafas (envelopes) as gifts and wedding favours. At the end of every ceremony, these envelopes will show up in the hands of the adults, ready for their launch.

4. Dusk Till Dawn

Indian Weddings, Baniya Weddings
Baniya weddings are really long. The celebrations begin in the evening and continue till the next morning. At times, these get so tiring that you will find people happily dozing off at the venue itself.

5. An Elaborate Buffet

Indian Weddings, Baniya Weddings
Baniyas are big time foodies and believe in serving the best food to their guests which roughly translates into a never-ending buffet with regional and international cuisine. We bet that you won’t be able to try every single dish. You will be full half way up.

6. Dramatic Moments

Indian Weddings, Baniya Weddings
From the entry of the bride and groom to the exchange of wedding garlands, everything will be dramatic because Baniyas like everything larger than life. You might even see the bride coming from the sky.

7. Folk Songs

Indian Weddings, Baniya Weddings
As we have told you, Baniya weddings are all about traditions and rituals. Women sing beautiful folk songs throughout the wedding celebration. They have a special song for every occasion.

8. Post-Wedding Celebrations

Indian Weddings, Baniya Weddings
Baniyas stop at nothing. After the long wedding celebrations, it is time for post-wedding rituals which, too go on for another week. This means that a Baniya wedding lasts for at least 15 days.

9. Pheras And Dry Fruits

Indian Weddings, Baniya Weddings
A Baniya wedding is all about convenience. Since the vows are taken when the stars shine the brightest, dry fruits are served to the guest in the mandap. Even your late night hunger pangs are taken care of.

10. Sweet Favours

Indian Weddings, Baniya Wedding
No wedding guest at a Baniya wedding goes home empty-handed. Everyone is offered a box of assorted delicacies laddoos, namakpare, jalebi and more. These assorted goodies are called ‘bhaji’. It is a delicious wedding favour.
Baniya weddings are bold and flamboyant. Baniyas take pride in being the best hosts and treating their guests as VIP. If you haven’t attended a Baniya wedding yet, you have to get yourself invited to one ASAP!

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