Brides and Grooms. Groomsmen and Bridesmaids. BFF and Bro Gang. All have been done. Over and over and over again. It’s time, one of the most cherishable relationships of this world, got its due spotlight. Sorry Bollywood, but saas-bahu is NOT synonymous to “tu tu-main main” anymore. Independent women touching each other’s lives with grace and charm are the new-age saas-bahus. They don’t fight, they debate. They don’t gossip, they discuss. They shop together and how. They know they are like heart and mind, both individually of paramount importance and deserve equivalent respect.

And to celebrate this beautiful bond, we at ShaadiWish, have brought out something special from our bagful of pleasant surprises. So, here’s the deal. Just spot your mother-in-law from the list below and fill in the form given at the bottom of this page. Yes, it’s that simple and one lucky entry will win an exclusive saas-bahu photoshoot from us. Well, then what are you waiting for? Just get going!

Types of Indian Mom-In-Law

1. You must have done some real good karmas in your past life to deserve a mother-in-law like this one.

Mother-in-law, Bollywood, Bollywood Mother-In-Law, Zohra Sehgal

2. You wish to become a replica of this one, don’t you?

Mother-in-law, Bollywood, Bollywood Mother-In-Law, Ratna Pathak Shah, Maya Sarabhai, Sarabhai V/S Sarabhai

3. The one who’d never let you miss your real mom!

Mother-in-law, Bollywood, Bollywood Mother-In-Law, Nirupa Roy

4. Here comes the coolest of ‘em all!

Mother-in-law, Bollywood, Bollywood Mother-In-Law, Kirron Kher

5. She belongs to an altogether different world as compared to yours, yet you pull off things pretty well. Quite an interesting thing it is, we must say!

So, which of these mothers-in-law defines yours correctly? Just fill in the form below along with other details and stand a chance to win a mother in law-daughter in law photo shoot from ShaadiWish.

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