Your fairytale wedding should be captured in a way that portrays your love story beautifully, in the manner you always dreamed of. The joyous moments, the emotional conversations, the razzmatazz decor and the happiness that resonates on every important guest’s face, all of this is encapsulated inside the wedding video that you’ll watch again and again long after these moments become dear memories. This brings us to the most important question. How do we choose a wedding videographer/cinematographer who’ll ensure that you have a cherishable video?
Here are some tips and pointers from an expert team – White Frog Productions, to keep in mind to make this decision easy, rather than confusing.

Get expert tips on how to choose your wedding videographer:

1. Find A Connection With The Cinematographer So That You Share The Same Vision.

Interactions with the cinematographer and his/her team is very important in the beginning, the more clarity and details you pass on to them, the more they understand you as a couple and make sure to tell your story in the most realistic manner. Besides, all the technicalities, it is very important to connect at a personal level to be on the same side.

2. Understanding What Style Of Video You Are Looking For, To Begin With.

You’ve seen a fair share of videos already and by now might have liked a few of those. Keeping in mind that every cinematographer has his own style, you need to understand the difference between a ‘Documentary-style’ video which basically represents each event that happens at the wedding in a chronological manner or the ‘Cinematic-style’ video wherein the movies have a very Bollywood kind of feels, with special effects, music and direction. Once this is decided, both of you need to find a common creative ground to start the conceptualization.

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3. Set A Budget Ballpark But Don’t Be Too Rigid, If You Are Looking For Something Unique!

We all have calculated money when it comes to wedding budgets, so while you’re approaching a couple of videographers who fit in your budget, if you do land up finding a perfect match at a slightly highly rate, move things around a bit and make space because finding the right match is much more important as this video is going to be viewed by generations to come in your family and is completely worth it.

4. Pick The Wedding Videographer Whose Style of Shoots is Desirable To You!

Taking forward the first three points, we cannot emphasise on how important it is to go ahead with a cinematographer whose style fits in your spectrum. If you approach a videographer and show him a reference that was created by another artist, you’ll be not be able to get the same results, instead if you go to a videographer whose style matches yours, you’re bound to find something that appeals to you given you find exclusive team for the recordings.

5. Understand The Technical Aspects & Deliverables Clearly.

Is there going to be drone videography? Is the quality in high definition or 4K? Are you looking at one teaser and one long video or differently edited videos for all functions? What sort of Audio are you introducing? Will you also get the raw footage? What is the format in which you will receive the final output – DVD/Pen Drive? Once you get this written in a contract form, you can rest assured and on the same level when it comes to the deliverables.

6. Gauge The Experience Of The Videographer & The Team First!

Before finalizing, once you get a clear picture of the team. An insight into whether they hire freelancers or have an in-house team. Maybe they’ve shot at the location before or even if at a similar location where the environment cannot be maneuvered yet the shots need to be nice. How many videos have they created and how different are they from each other. Also, it’s vital to see whether there is any creative director heading the whole team to make this unique film for you.

7. Shortlist Your Way To Finding “The One”!

While you are on the hunt and there are one too many things on your mind, take a systematic approach by first narrowing down all the cinematographers you like, then set up meetings with them. Depending on their quality of work, ethics, professionalism, personal behaviour, team strength etc, take a call. Also, recommendations and reviews go a long way and resurrect your thoughts too.

White Frog Productions is a creative team which believes in making every couple’s dream come true by giving them an everlasting gift to cherish, A wedding film that is unique, no less than a Bollywood movie. Started in 2012 as a video production house White Frog Productions have up till now, created 120 wedding films for couples all over the world. They are passionate, pragmatic and easily become a part of the wedding entourage capturing tiny yet precious moments, especially the ones the couple may have missed while they were busy getting married.

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