If you think gone are the days when people used to invest in wedding videography, you are completely mistaken. While wedding photographs are definitely important to keep reviving your once-in-a-lifetime affair, there’s nothing like watching your wedding film which went by in a flash. A wedding video brings your day back to life in a way photographs simply can’t. Also, it doesn’t matter whether you want a teaser, highlights footage, or a complete film, having those moments captured professionally is crucial.

As much as a wedding photographer is an important part of your wedding planning budget, know that a wedding videographer is equally necessary. However, with so many videographers out there, it can be difficult to know how much wedding videography actually costs in India.

From the average cost of wedding videography to the factors which can affect your quote, here is a complete breakdown of wedding videography prices.

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Check out the average price of wedding videography in India and what all you can expect for your money paid!

How Much Does A Wedding Videographer Cost In India?

Well, just one look at someone’s wedding trailer always makes us believe that every wedding deserves a movie-like treatment. And, maybe that’s why people think that wedding cinematography costs a bomb. However, did you actually try to find out how much it exactly costs for that matter?

wedding videography

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Average Cost of Wedding Videography In India

The average cost of hiring a wedding videographer ranges from INR 50K to 1 Lakh per day depending on the number of hours the shoot takes place. For the best price quote, it is always recommended to shortlist 3 to 4 Wedding Videographers and compare their videography packages (Deliverables + prices). 

wedding videography

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The cost further depends on many factors, including location and the experience of the videographer hired. Check out all the factors which affect the cost of hiring a wedding videographer in India.

1. Location

A lot of wedding videography services function nationally, which means videographers are ready to travel to your location wherever it may be. However, the prices may vary due to the distance. 

For example, if you are hiring a wedding videographer in Delhi but hosting a destination wedding in Goa, you will have to bear the videographer’s travel and accommodation expenses as well. 

ShaadiWish Tip: It is always recommended to hire wedding vendors who live near your wedding venue to plan your wedding on a budget.

2. Your Wedding Date

Another factor that may affect wedding videography cost in India is the date and month of your wedding. Know that wedding videographer will cost you more during peak wedding seasons whereas they can offer you special discounts during the offseason.

ShaadiWish Tip: Book your wedding videographer at least a year in advance so that you can secure a good deal.

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3. Experience of The Videographer

This goes without saying that an experienced videographer will obviously charge you more for his skills and work as compared to a newbie. It’s totally up to you if you are okay experimenting with the new videographers in the industry, hence saving big on your wedding videography prices.

ShaadiWish Tip: Even if you are thinking about hiring a wedding videographer on budget, make sure to have a look at some of his previous wedding videos to have an idea about the work.

4. Number of Hours Spent On Shooting

Most wedding videographers work on an hourly basis. Generally, they have a set number of working hours in a day and any addition in the number of hours comes with an added cost.

ShaadiWish Tip: Make sure you are clear about all footage you really want to look back in years to come. While some couples may want to look at their getting ready shots and emotional moments with friends and family, some may want to just look at how their wedding ceremonies took place along with all the fun and naach gaana. 

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5. Number of Videographers

A one-man army would obviously cost you less while hiring a team of videographers will take the pricing higher. It’s on you as to what all aspects you want a videographer to cover.

6. A Combined Package Of Wedding Videography And Photography

Well, most of the couples hire a team that is efficient in both wedding photography and videography as it helps in cost-cutting. 

wedding videography and photography

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ShaadiWish Tip: If you are looking for both wedding photography and videography, hiring a team that offers the best of both worlds is recommended. Picking photographers and videographers from different companies can hamper their working together.

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Why Hire A Wedding Videographer?

Research shows that 90% of couples regret not hiring a videographer for their wedding day. Undoubtedly, photographs are special, but there’s no joy getting transported to your wedding day as it is with a wedding film. Therefore, if you are just having any second thoughts on having one on board, adhere to the above cost factors and include one already. Because you will only pay once but will cherish the moments for a lifetime ahead!

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So, now that you know what all things will add to your wedding budget while scouting for a perfect videographer, how about we help you with the same?

Browse through our curated list of experienced wedding videography professionals who will record and edit a video beyond your imagination. Check out their portfolios and get in touch with us to get the best prices. 

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