There are a lot of tiny elements that go into making a wedding successful. It’s just not just what is around you, but also everything that you adorn that adds to the charm of the event. Now, many of us aren’t a pro at picking out styles that suit us or embracing trends that are being welcomed in the fashion world. But, either way, you do indulge in shopping and picking out outfits and accessories for different occasions that contribute to the whole wedding saga. Imagine, having someone who could make this part of the wedding planning smooth and exactly the way you dreamed? Yes, someone like that does exist, they’re called – A Wedding Fashion Stylist. Your Amigo, a  good Samaritan to help you look your best during the big moment and even after.

Still not convinced why you need a Wedding Fashion Stylist? Here are some answers.

1. Help You Save Your Precious Time.

Instead of going back and forth at the designer stores, all you have to do is tell the wedding stylist what you are looking for and let her/him do the scanning for you. Once, they’ve shortlisted the suitable locations and outfits, you can plan a more strategic trip to these stores and come back happy.
Indian Wedding Fashion Stylist

2. Choose Something That Suits Your Personality & Body Type.

The biggest task at hand is of course picking outfits that you are 100% confident in. The best way to do that is by doing a bit of research first online and then customization. Now, it’s imperative that you pick out something that enhances your features rather than it appearing as though the outfit is wearing you instead of vice-versa. The stylist will help you pick out silhouettes & colours that go well with your body and makes you feel confident too.

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3. Match Outfit With Venue + Temperature + Time.

Many times, we pick an outfit that we love but what we don’t realize it whether it’s really suitable for the location, time of the year, and of course the venue. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference this can make to your whole wedding look. For example: If you’re getting married at the beach, you need to pick out lighter fabrics that will make you feel less humid, choose lighter hues, and pick embroidery that doesn’t look to stark in the sunlight.
Indian Wedding Fashion Stylist

4. Create That Balance & Differentiation In The Various Looks.

If at one event, you are chasing your inner Deewani, and at another you’re resembling Jasmine from Aladdin, the wedding stylist can help you achieve these looks with complete distinction and ensure that you’re not overdressed or underdressed for the event, keeping the theme in mind. This is especially applicable to the grooms who are wearing jewellery/embroidered outfits for the first time!

5. Will Give You That Extra Boost Of Assurance.

Our friends and family love us too much and you’ll get to know that during your wedding. “Oh, you look so pretty!”, “That color is gorgeous”, “I love your necklace!”. We know what goes into getting everything in order. You don’t want to have second thoughts about your outfits on the big day when you should be instead getting compliments. Once, you’ve gone through this process with a wedding stylist, you can be rest assured that you’re going to look your best in every aspect.
Indian Wedding Fashion Stylist

6. Help You Work Around Your Budget

Many a times, you set out in the market with a budget but land up liking things which are beyond the hard-line. The wedding stylist will give you an estimate of how much the outfit will cost even before you step out and that can help you make decisions better. The stylist could also help you get more things in the budget which otherwise you would have never thought about.

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7. Give You A Unique Yet Trendy Look

Of course, you are hiring the wedding stylist to make sure that you get the latest in fashion while matching your traditional personality. Through the course of choosing and selecting outfits, the wedding stylist will make sure that you only select ensembles that are not a copy or rather nothing that is passe, since he/she can complete information about this.
Indian Wedding Fashion Stylist

8. Be In Sync With Your Partner’s Style!

It’s important that your clothes are coordinated with your partner on the various functions at the wedding. It not only looks amazing in pictures but it also feels good to stand there in front of everyone, complimenting each other. The stylist can help you pick out outfits that make either one of you stand out yet blend well.

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9.  Plan Your Trousseau Better

Of course, you’re looking to stand out on the big day, but also after the wedding. The honeymoon, the parties after, the soirees and the family dinners. Having a companion who can help you pick out outfits, jewellery, and accessories that are thought through will mainly ensure that the trousseau is complete. She/He could suggest what are the ideal investments to make and what are the things that will go out of trend before you spend a lot of money.
Indian Wedding Fashion Stylist

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