You just got married to your boo and you are experiencing one new thing at a time, everyday. Besides embracing your new life, you’re also creating a bond with each other that is beautiful. The daily laughs, the silly habits and so much love. All of this is an exciting journey with your other half until you become each other’s habit itself. Here are some comic strips that you will definitely relate to if you just got married or you’ve known your partner way to long! Make sure to share it with your Significant other.

1. Learning the concept of time and how time measures for each one of you!

Image Source: Jude Devir on Instagram

2. Making sure your confidence is rising, every moment.

Image Source: Sarah’s Scribble

3. Annoying things you say to each other just to see the reactions.

Image Source: Cheer Up, Emo Kid Comics

4. Being comfortable around each other, even in silence.

Image Source: Philippa Rice

5. Knowing what your partner wants and giving them tiny surprises.

Image Source: Catana Comics on Instagram

6. Those sarcastic comments thrown in here and there, just to make yourself feel at par.

Image Source: Reader’s Digest

7. Being wonderfully confused about things while trying to make plans, is just imperfectly perfect.

Image Source: Blue Stone

8. Appreciating each other even though they might some oops moments.

Image Source: Tuna Dunn

9. Fighting with each other because it isn’t all that smooth living with another human sometimes.

Image Source: Jude Devir on Instagram

10. Still discovering significant new things about each other.

Image Source: Hardly Funny

11. And let’s not forget the times, you’ll get ignored for the Phone, TV, PS4, Ipad, Laptop.

Image Source: Inherit The Mirth

12. At the end of the day, cuddling is the best feeling and you’re grateful to have each other.

Image Source: Catana Comics

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