It is indeed a true fact that our mothers have a melodramatic and jittery instinct to spin everything into a suspense and overwhelming situation by overreacting. They are not far behind our iconic hysterical and overly emotional on-screen Bollywood mothers.
Whether our mothers get inspired by Bollywood moms or Bollywood mothers are characterised based on real life mothers, we haven’t figured that out yet, but we know for a fact that all of us would totally be able to relate to these things if your mother has a real life persona of the reel life mothers.

1. When you say Sharma aunty makes better biryani than your mom!

2. Your mother’s reaction when you get up early on a Sunday morning!

3. When she finds out you haven’t had your lunch in the office.

4. When she has already chosen a girl from a matrimonial site for you, but you tell her you are in love!

5. When you tell your mother that you got a tattoo.

6. The reaction when you ask for permission to travel with your boyfriend.

7. When you tell her that you are now an adult and can make decisions but she makes fun of you!

8. And when you are living abroad and she calls you ten times a day to check if you are doing okay.

9. But the evening masala chai with her after you come home from office is worth everything!

10. No matter how much she annoys us with her constant nagging we know it’s all for our good!

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