They say variety is the spice of life and as Indians, our love for spice is over exaggerated when it comes to food. Whether it’s the peppery curries or syrupy desserts, we love to tantalize our taste buds with interesting pairings. In fact, we are always looking to reinvent our favorite foods in new found ways. So, we are giving you something to think about! Here are some very cool ways of serving and displaying food at the wedding!
Trust us, these are palate teasers!

1. Butter & Caramel Popcorn in black paper roll ups, it actually makes that rich golden color stand out and you’ll want to grab these!

2. Adding unexpected color to your basic desserts can make it more attractive!

3. This croquembouche tower made with choux pastry! Just delightful.

4. Incredible flavours of Ice cream –  Green tea and raspberry are surely making the rounds, the colors complemented with a golden base.

5. Add a touch of cursive typography behind and make that dessert station look gorgeous!

6. Adorable straws and sticks decorated along with the baroque inspired golden cupcake holder!

7. Pastel cake and cookie pops add that cutesy element to the wedding!

8. A wooden base along with vintage paper cake base against the deep magenta, burst of greens and chocolate! Just WOW!

9. Large glass holders and covers only add more class to the display!

10. Serving desserts in different manners makes it so much more fun for the guest to choose from!

11. A colorful macaroon pyramid is pleasing to the eyes! Mind you, the kids will be flocking this area!

12. Arranging different glasses for water, dessert wine and Champagne is a chic add on!

13. This piece of art is a masterpiece in the name of carved fruits!

14. Look at the arrangement of those fruits on that two tiered stand, it’s adding a pastoral vibe!

15. The carved boxes make the arched bowls look more splendid!

16.  Add that touch of greenery by actually bring the forest into the decorations. It truly gives that beautiful color to the background!

17. Spring rolls on soup spoons is quite a smart thing to do.

18. This adorable, DIY arrangement is winning our hearts!

19. This bread-y dish has been enhanced with that cane stick and the coral colors!

20. The tiers of amazing food along with the presence of Cupid all over is just heavenly!

21. Serving salad this way makes it even more of a desirable food item!

22. Individual portions of ready-t0-eat food at the live counter will make the guests feel more special!

23. Fruit concoctions on skewers for the healthy eaters!

24.  Salad in champagne flutes along with spoons for the lazys.

25. The desserts sitting at the foot of the Eiffel Tower structure have a Parisian feel!

26. It’s like a riot of colors in here! So exciting!

27. Fashion in desserts – This is what it looks like. Perfectly color co-ordinated with a pop of deep hues!

28. Taking the love of fruits to a whole new level!

29. How about a shelf full of sweet sins?

30.  A variety of glasses laid out for you to choose for.

31. Don’t forget to add cherries and strawberries to that drink!

32. Another way you can offer fruits to your guests!

33.  A hand made cover for those cupcakes and pastries during the ceremony!

34. Dress them up too! Personalized glasses for the gents and the ladies!

35. Find more uses for the Martini glasses to serve Souffle!

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