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About Zariin Jewellery

Zariin Jewelry is the collaboration of sisters Mamta and Vidhi Gupta. They are self taught designers that carefully studied the entire process and various techniques of jewelry design through extensive research, mentoring and study under expert artisans from around the world. The fashion obsessed duo have always had a keen and creative instinct that drove them to sketch out designs starting at a very young age. While they were both crazy for fashion and design, neither pursued fashion degrees, though their entrepreneurial spirit and passion for jewelry ultimately drove them to pursue their dream. Vidhi pursued a degree in Corporate Finance at Indiana University. Mamta received her undergraduate degree in Economics Hons. in Sriram College of Commerce in Delhi University, followed by an MBA in Rochester, USA. After school, they spent time in corporate roles and then in the family business in the marketing and export division. As avid travelers, they really thrive on exploring and diving into the local culture of the places they visited. Their work experience combined with their extensive travels provided them with the foundation to establish an international jewelry brand with broad appeal. Vidhi and Mamta were determined to create jewelry that was distinctive and stylish, yet reflective of their creative talents, trained eye for the selecting stones and their cultural influences.

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