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Soranam by Sonia Malhotra

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About Soranam by Sonia Malhotra

Soranam by Sonia Malhotra is synonymous to luxurious yet affordable jewellery. Sonia does beautiful eye catching zircon jewellery set in pure rodium silver available in an array of designs in a wide range of precious and semi-precious coloured stones. The jewellery is handcrafted and each stone is embedded by hand. She has expanded her range from semi-precious contemporary fashion jewellery to real Victorian which is a blend of ancient Indian and European ethnic gold jewellery, set in real gems like turquoise, coral, ruby garnets, turmarine and many more.

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artificial jewellery, gota jewellery

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  rohit verma 5.0

 Jul 04, 2017

very good variety of jewellery is available... Very Nice

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