If you are all set to tie the knot and have even finalized your wedding photographer, then we have some important tips and tricks just for you! These 6 tips will make sure you walk away with some fantastic and picture-perfect photographs from your wedding day. So, to make sure you get insta-worthy wedding pictures that are chic and candid, make a note of these 6 tips.

Here’s How You Can Walk Away With Insta-Worthy Wedding Pictures With These 6 Important Tips:

1. Bride Should Be Comfortable

If you are a bride, then we cannot stress on how important it is that you choose an outfit that makes you feel utmost comfortable. When a bride opts for an OTT lehenga, a heavy dupatta, or a cancan with way too many layers, she ends up feeling the discomfort which results in odd-looking pictures. So, it is best to keep it light, comfortable, and highly breezy so that it reflects well on your pictures too.

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2. Build A Photographer’s Mood Board

Want Pinterest-like or Insta-worthy pictures? Well, you need to tell your photographer that! Just like any other aspect of your wedding, it is best to give your photographer an inspiration mood board that will help them to know what you are looking for. Based on this mood board, they will be able to recreate or replicate a few shots. However, while you give them references, be a little realistic. Share pictures that are relatable to your wedding. For instance, if you are having a night wedding, then don’t send day-time wedding picture references.

6 Ways To Ensure You Get The Insta-Worthy Wedding Pictures
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3. Practice Your Poses & Angles

We cannot stress enough on how important it is to practice your poses and get those angles right. Hey, unless you are an actor or influencer, you are bound to be unsure of the poses. So, it is important to know your angles and poses as they always make for great portraits & wedding pictures.

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4. Set Aside Time For Portraits

We understand that wedding days are usually the most hectic ones. There is a lot of hustle and bustle around you and it just seems hard to stop. However, to make sure you get the most from the best photographers that you have booked, make sure to find at least 20 to 30 minutes after getting ready to make sure you and your partner get the most stunning portrait sessions done. Either individual portraits, or with each other, depending on how things work around at your place, make sure you squeeze in some time. Talk to your photographers beforehand to make sure they are also all set up with their team and ready to click.

Pro Tip: Make sure you also get at least 15 minutes post the wedding rituals so that the portraits can capture your ‘Just Married’ glow.

6 Ways To Ensure You Get The Insta-Worthy Wedding Pictures

5. Go All Out With PDA – Show The Love

A wedding is the best place for PDA – with the wholehearted approval of the entire family, isn’t it? So, go all out with the PDA and hold on to your loved one throughout the time. From squeezing in a quick kiss to hugs, trust us, you will cherish the wedding pictures for a lifetime and will be thankful for this bold step of a PDA in front of your families.

6. Have Fun & Get Those Mesmerizing Wedding Candid Pictures

Remember, the more you feel relaxed in front of the camera – the more it loves you. Feel comfortable in your partner’s presence and drop the D-day stress. You will be stunned at how beautiful your candids turn out to be once you start having fun in front of the camera. Things WILL go wrong, but trust us, they will seem inconsequential the next day. So, quit worrying about them. After all, it’s your special day and you are spending a ton of money on your wedding, you might as well enjoy and have a lot of fun and relive them in the pictures!

6 Ways To Ensure You Get The Insta-Worthy Wedding Pictures
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