Getting married and wondering where to go on your honeymoon? Well, the classic European honeymoon is most certainly in most people’s bucket list. Although, travelling to Europe doesn’t always have to be a huge burden. There are many unexplored destinations in the continent that are on a good budget and are quite cheaper when we actually imagine it to be. You can travel to these European honeymoon destinations without spending overwhelming pounds and euros. In fact, ShaadiWish brings you some of these fantastic European destinations for honeymoon that are cheaper than you think!

Beat The Post-Wedding Stress With These European Honeymoon Destinations That Won’t Disturb Your Budget:

1. Corfu, Greece

Corfu is a stunning island off Greece’s northwest coast in the Ionian Sea. It is defined by a range of rugged mountains with calming shorelines all along. Have you always dreamt of visiting Santorini but it doesn’t fall under your budget? Then, Corfu is the next best European honeymoon destination to travel to. Corfu is loved for its pristine and surreal beaches, amazing weather and massive coastline. With amazing resort options for the newlyweds who are looking for great affordable accommodations, Corfu fits right in your budget.

Best Time To Visit: April to May and September to November

Check Out These 11 Affordable European Honeymoon Destinations

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2. Prague, The Czech Republic

Prague, the Czech capital is a place that you simply cannot miss. The beauty of this place is something like you have read in novels and watched in movies. Packed with the vintage feels, the unparalleled beauty of Prague is what has been attracting the honeymooners to its grounds. Indulge in soaking up the beauty of the place while taking a scrumptious vine tasting tour with your partner. Also, don’t miss out on locking your love forever on the love-lock bridge over the small canal in Mala Strana.

Best Time To Visit: May or September

Check Out These 11 Affordable European Honeymoon Destinations

3. Florence, Italy

Well, it is safe to say that Florence is not extremely cheap but it is not expensive either when compared to other places. However, if you have to visit Italy no matter what, then you should add Florence to your honeymoon wish-list. Covered in a blanket of art, culture and history, Florence is one of the most majestic European honeymoon destinations. If you and your partner are passionate about history and the magic of art, Florence is a paradise for you two! This Italian city looks magnificent and most travelers love to take walking tours to admire the beauty and creativity at its best! Also, to save a big chunk on accommodations, book your stay on the outskirts.

Best Time To Visit: May to September

Check Out These 11 Affordable European Honeymoon Destinations

4. Vilnius, Lithuania

Most parts of east Europe are very little known but trust us, they are worth a visit! Vilnius, Lithuania’s capital, is known for its rich history and picturesque Old Town. It is quickly building a reputation as a fresh destination with dynamic arts and culture scenes, seemingly endless culinary delights, and all kinds of events. Want to explore a fun and adrenaline driven hot air balloon experience? This place has it! Vilnius is surrounded by lush green forests, hills and valleys and has rivers winding right through the middle of the City. Sounds so surreal, isn’t it? It surely is one of the best low-cost destinations in the Baltic states.

Best Time To Visit: May to September

Check Out These 11 Affordable European Honeymoon Destinations

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5. Sofia, Bulgaria

Alia Bhatt was spotted shooting in this gorgeous place with Ranbir for their movie Brahmastra. Sofia is the capital and largest city of Bulgaria and has more than 2,000 years of history, including Greek, Roman, Ottoman and Soviet occupation. Not as busy as the western Europe, Sofia is a quaint little place against the backdrop of the majestic Vitosha Mountain. It surely may be one of Europe’s cheapest capitals to visit. For those who love traveling in style, Sofia has some amazing affordable multi-starred hotels. You can also find some gorgeous-looking, inexpensive, yet upscale restaurants that serve some authentic Bulgarian cuisine.

Best Time To Visit: April to August

Check Out These 11 Affordable European Honeymoon Destinations

6. Athens, Greece

Athens is nothing less than a magnificent visionary delight! The city is simply mesmerizing while the weather adds to the beauty and makes you want to explore the scenic neighborhood more. Stroll around the city with your partner and explore the stunning Greek architecture. The touristy crowd is usually less around the fall and you can enjoy the city the best during that time because of fewer tourists. Also, this would be a great time to save on some chunks of moolah as it isn’t the peak tourist season.

Best Time To Visit: March to May and September to November

Check Out These 11 Affordable European Honeymoon Destinations

7. Transylvania, Romania

Transylvania is amongst one of Europe’s cheapest destinations is Romania. The beauty of wildflowers in the Transylvanian Alps are sure to charm you over! Alluring monasteries and rugged-stone churches dot the pristine landscape of rolling hills across this place. Unlike fables surrounding Transylvania, it is not filled with lurking vampires waiting to pounce on you! In fact, it has its fair share of medieval castles, dainty alpine scenery and quaint villages that you are bound to fall in love with. The place has colorful houses, charming cafes and a fascinating mixture of history.

Best Time To Visit: May to August or September 

Check Out These 11 Affordable European Honeymoon Destinations

8. Budapest, Hungary

Easily up there as one of the most beautiful cities in Hungary, Budapest is one of the great European honeymoon destinations. Honestly, the capital city is not only one of the grandest cities, but it is also one of the cheapest cities to visit in Europe. In fact, Budapest is home to a long list of free attractions. Be it walking on the Chain Bridge across the Danube and exploring the Castle Hill area, you save up on lots when exploring this place. The neo-gothic Great Market Hall, Budapest’s oldest indoor market, is a great place to search for budget souvenirs and cheap snacks which include traditional Hungarian foods. If you want to save some more money, then look for accommodations on the outskirts of the capital as things get considerably cheaper.

Best Time To Visit: May to September and early October

Check Out These 11 Affordable European Honeymoon Destinations

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9. Warsaw, Poland

It’s not hard to find wonderful things to do in Warsaw when you are on your honeymoon. The city carries a romantic vibe which will spark desire in anyone. packed with parks and palaces, in Warsaw you can visit the palace where Napoleon Bonaparte fell in love with a Polish girl and had a secret love affair with her. You also can walk around the beautiful parks where many have fallen in love across the centuries. Also, going on a nightly stroll around the city is going to uncover a lot about the city. Even at the quaintest little restaurants, you will find scrumptious Italian cuisine to go along with romantic Italian music.

Best Time To Visit: June to August

Check Out These 11 Affordable European Honeymoon Destinations

10. Porto, Portugal

Does your heart wishes for a coastal vacation, sipping delicious wine and exploring some beautiful beaches in Europe? Then look nowhere and book your ticket to Porto. Portugal’s most attractive destinations are all about nature, sun, and the outdoors – meaning they are mostly free. Porto is a popular destination for its soft golden sands, cliffs and lighthouses. Most of the tourists love to explore the rugged volcanic hiking trails, the beautiful harbor and an amazing scuba diving experience. Another the most iconic attraction is the wine tasting and exploring vineyards.

Best Time To Visit: June to August and November to February (cheapest time)

Check Out These 11 Affordable European Honeymoon Destinations

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11. Atlanta, Georgia

Georgia is a great introduction to Southern Europe. Atlanta has a vibrant mix of cutting-edge new restaurants sharing the same side of the street with traditional southern fare and boutique hotels. There are some unique downtown attractions, and wonderful parks & rivers to explore. The place has magnificent natural views with equally majestic cultural significance and pristine wilderness. The country is a tourist’s paradise and honeymooners are sure to enjoy the place thoroughly. From history buffs to hikers, Georgia has something for each of them.

Best Time To Visit: March to May

Check Out These 11 Affordable European Honeymoon Destinations

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