End your search for the top honeymoon destinations which are totally worth every penny. After all, wedding functions tend to be really exhausting for the couples as they have to undergo various rituals and ceremonies. So, they actually need quality time to relax and, most importantly, know each other better after this.

Also, which couple on this planet doesn’t dream about going on a royal luxury honeymoon? Just married or to-be-married, the only question that revolves around in their minds is where to go for a romantic and relaxing honeymoon. But it gets quite confusing to choose a honeymoon destination as we come across so many suggestions and deciding on one is not as easy as it sounds.

Therefore, to help you choose a perfect honeymoon destination, we have done the research and discovered some amazingly pleasant places. 

Bookmark these top honeymoon destinations which are a must-visit for all the couples out there:

1. Bhutan

While people prefer sandy beaches and sunburnt holidays in Europe and America, a romantic holiday in Bhutan is going to be a fantastic and overwhelming experience for nature enthusiasts. So, if you and your partner have a thing for serene and spectacular mountain beauty, Bhutan is among the top honeymoon destinations. It has preserved its natural beauty being a land of the thunder dragon, ancient temples, and fortresses. Additionally, there are glimpses of the fascinating cultural treasures of the last Shangri-La. 

The plush greenery of the Paro Valley in Bhutan is a romantic escape for couples after that long week full of ceremonies and formalities. Its capital city, Thimphu, is home to the Buddhist monasteries and a very famous fort called Simtoka Dzong (palace of secret mantras). You will be taken aback by the spiritual vibes out there.


Likewise, you can take a private luxury tour and go trekking to enjoy the marvellous panoramic view of the Himalayan range, which includes Gangker Phunsum, the world’s highest unclimbed mountain. Moreover, you can book private resorts to enjoy each other’s company without any interruption. This is what qualifies as a romantic luxury honeymoon.

2. Scotland

The first thing that comes into mind while talking about Scotland is “castles.” Even a little thought about staying in a castle for your honeymoon gives a feeling of royalty. So, why not begin your married life in an utterly romantic way while sipping a delightful Scottish whiskey in a lavish suite surrounded by a breathtaking landscape. 

The ancient castles, historic cities, and hundreds of lakes and islands make Scotland a haven for couples. Edinburgh, the capital city, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its numerous summer festivals. Even if you don’t want to stay in a castle there are plenty of luxury homes in Scotland to choose from. You can go on for a shopping spree, candle-lit dinners, and experience the vibrant nightlife. The most wonderful part of going for a honeymoon in Scotland is that it is budget-friendly.


Further, St. Andrews and Glasgow are a classic blend of art and culture. For instance, the Lighthouse, Riverside Museum, St. Andrews Castle, and St Rule’s Tower are the must-visit places. Also, do not forget to visit the captivating beach islands of Harris.

3. Greece

It is going to be magical if you are planning to start your fairy-tale with your beloved on a honeymoon in Greece. Now is the time to live those fantasies you have heard while you grew up. Greece is one of the most alluring countries of Europe that has a natural yet elegant charm. 

The romantic architecture and the incredible coastline of Santorini will make your heart go zoom. It has the most awe-inspiring views and a classic blue-white skyline displaying the true colours of nature. You can book yourself a luxury villa and enjoy the warmth of love.

Santorini, top honeymoon destinations

You will be surprised to find the romantic cave resorts located on the cliffs and other perfect locations. Settled on the edge of a cliff, the colourful and lively Fira village has to be on your itinerary no matter what. Apart from the villages, the view of the world-famous Red Beach is jaw-dropping. You will go crazy in love with the cool breeze and the blue waves touching the red sand. Besides, it will give you the opportunity to shimmer in your elegant beachwear dresses.

Therefore, book your tickets now and get lovey-dovey with your partner while the sun soaks your skin. And, not to mention, click as many pictures to flaunt your love to the world.

4. China

China has been one of the top honeymoon destinations people look forward to. Apart from being budget-friendly, it is home to the world’s most spectacular mountain peaks, perennial rivers, silvery beaches, and whatnot. No matter where you are in China, your married life is going to grow intensely. 

Seeing the stunning architecture of the Forbidden City, the Great Wall of China, and the Army of Terracotta Soldiers, your heart is going to skip a beat. Behold the astounding sunset views and feel the essence of togetherness in the romantic atmosphere. And how can we forget the delicious Chinese cuisine that we crave every now and then?


Hong Kong, located in the southern China sea, is full of thunder and excitement and is a heaven for shopaholics. And if you love adventure, Disneyland has to be in your itinerary for your delightful experience. Besides, the crystal blue beaches are the greatest tourist attraction and perfect for couples. Another fascinating site in Hong Kong is the Turtle beach. So, you can enjoy swimming and diving with beautiful turtles.

5. Japan

Who would miss an opportunity of honeymooning in a cultured and traditional country like Japan? Also known as the “land of the rising sun,” Japan has famous lush gardens, mouth-watering food, and a romantic environment for the couples on honeymoon.

Tokyo city is one of the most preferred destinations in Japan. Those skyscrapers and malls are so eye-catching that one cannot help admiring them. Likewise, Kyoto is the perfect location for people interested in learning more about the country’s cultural history. Moreover, there are a lot of temples that surround you with spiritual vibes. Don’t think that Japan is less romantic in winter when there are no cherry blossoms on the trees. If you’re wondering if Christmas is celebrated in Japan, the answer is yes and could add another dimension to your honeymoon. 

Tokyo at Christmas

If you are planning to travel to Japan for your honeymoon, you will definitely not visit just one place. So, you can get the Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass) and travel all around Japan. It will save you both time and money.

Final Words

To conclude, we hope that our article will help you to plan your luxury honeymoon without spending a lot of money. You can choose a perfect location to relax and spend quality time with your spouse. Moreover, the aura of these destinations will make you fall in love with your partner even more. 

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