Having a cake during the pre-wedding functions like engagement or roka is now a trend. From having six-tier cakes to going down to cupcakes for weddings, the last couple of years have seen a lot of cake variations. However, the latest cake trend on the block is the cutest and most elegant one-tier cake that we absolutely love!

The one tier cake designs are perfect for an intimate gathering or for small functions with few guests. In fact, the one tier cakes do not have to be tiny, you can play with the height of the cake in case it isn’t a limited guest setup.

Save These One Tier Cake Ideas That Will Be A Perfect Sweet Add-On For Pre-Wedding Functions:

Classic Marble One Tier Cakes

The marble cake design is a classic one that can never go wrong. For those who love a minimalistic design, a one tier cake in marble design will look simply amazing! Make a statement with the one tier cakes that are stylish and luxurious. Marble cakes on your special day with a gorgeous cake topper will look almost too good to eat.

marble one tier cake

These one tier cake ideas show how the beauty of marble shines through in these stunning minimalistic cake designs, don’t they?

marble one tier cake

Check out these gorgeous & contemporary cake ideas for your wedding.

Unique One Tier Cake Ideas That Will Are Striking

There are a variety of one tier cake ideas that can be appealing and one of a kind! From unique colors to shapes and elements, make your pre-wedding cake with a touch of your personality. Add in some element that speaks volumes about you and your partner’s love story or simply make try a different shape for the one tier cake. These pictures below will leave you in awe of their uniqueness.

unique one tier cake ideas

unique one tier cake ideas
Image Source: Cakentake
Image Source: Sheena Henry

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Majestic Metallic One Tier Cakes

Metallic cakes are one of the trending cake ideas these days. Perfect for pre-weddings, these look luxurious and elegant. No matter which shade of metallic you pick for the one tier cake, you will be mesmerized by how beautiful it turns out to be. Tone down the sparkly metallic with fresh flowers or edible flowers if you must else let it shine on as they looks stunning in pictures!

metallic one tier cake for prewedding
Image Source: Caking It Up

metallic one tier cake for prewedding
Image Source: Sheena Henry

metallic one tier cake for preweddingFloral One Tier Cake Ideas  

What has more wedding vibe than flowers? One tier cake ideas with a floral theme have our hearts! These look so charming and almost make you want to simply stare at the cake and not cut it. You can either try the fondant flowers, sugar flowers, flowers made with ganache or can go with edible flowers.

floral one tier cake ideas

Image Source: Sheena Henry

floral one tier cake ideas

Image Source: Sheena Henry
floral one tier cake ideas
Image Source: Sheena Henry

Brush Stroke Designs Are Perfect Pre-Wedding Cakes

Brush Stroke Design Cake or popularly also known as the feather cakes are a perfect pick for pre-wedding functions. These dreamy cakes have stunning feather-like designs that look no less than an incredible modern art. It’s a fairly simple design with a striking impact. Endless color combinations can be experimented with when it comes to this one tier cake idea. You can also combine it with flowers or metallic marble design for a fabulous style that can fit any occasion.

brush stroke one tier cake ideas

Image Source: Juniper Cakery

brush stroke one tier cake ideas brush stroke one tier cake ideas

Consider these best alternatives to the classic wedding cake.

Translucent Isomalt Design For One Tier Cakes

Ideally, isomalt is a sugar substitute made from beets. It is primarily used in sugar-free candy production or sugar art. The isomalt designs can be made in any shape and form and are usually used as cake toppers or cake embellishments. The transparent look of these work perfectly to create stunning and exquisite cake designs.

These are off-late quite popular in one tier cake ideas and they look phenomenal! The crystal-like look or glassiness of the isomalt creates a wonderful contrast against the opaque cake base, no matter what color. The pictures below will leave you awestruck and we are not even exaggerating!

isomalt one tier cake design isomalt one tier cake design

Bookmark these unique cake toppers to jazz up your wedding cake.

Naked One Tier Cake Ideas

Are you all about beautiful rustic-looking cakes? Then the naked cakes will be an ideal pick for you! The naked cake is a cake style that omits the majority of frosting you would typically see on the exterior of a cake. These are stacked with plenty of center filling which adds to the immense flavor and is served without the outer frosting layer. Perfect for prewedding functions, tea parties and small gatherings, these naked one tie cake designs look gorgeous when done. Ditching the overtly loaded sugary frosting on the outside, these cakes are more of a flavor with that gorgeous rustic charm to them!

naked one tier cake naked one tier cake


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