Much like Sabyasachi brides, a lot of us turn to the grooms of Sabyasachi for our dose of groom wear inspiration. And the year 2021 kept us entertained with a lot of interesting groom fashion moments. Not only did we get to witness the beautiful craftsmanship of Sabyasachi outfits but also grooms stepping up their wedding game. We always love it when grooms put in that extra effort into their wedding looks. And it also ends up inspiring many grooms-to-be to take their wedding fashion more seriously. 

Browse Through To Check Out Grooms Of Sabyasachi That Rocked Away In 2021

1. Celebrity Grooms Of Sabyasachi

Well, it’s no news that Sabyasachi is a celebrity favourite when it comes to weddings. And 2021 was full of surprises with a lot of notable celebrities tying the knot. We got to see handsome hunks such as Vicky Kaushal, Rajkummar Rao, Jasprit Bumrah and more donning beautiful Sabyasachi sherwanis. 

vicky kaushal wedding

Rajkummar Rao wedding

Jasprit Bumrah wedding

Rahul Tewatia wedding

Blogger Juhi Godambe’s husband Sidharth and influencer Sonam Babani’s husband Neil also opted for Sabyasachi outfits for their wedding festivities. 

designer sherwani

floral print kurta pajama

2. Grooms Acing The Red Shade

While brides are commonly seen donning the classic red colour on their wedding day, grooms often stick to white sherwanis. But not these Sabyasachi grooms! They embraced the red tone and rocked their sherwanis in red like a boss. We just loved the pop of color on grooms this year. 

red sabyasachi sherwani

designer groom sherwani

Bombay Studio USA

red sherwani

Knotting Bells

Steal inspiration from these real grooms wearing purple sherwanis.

4. Bring Out The Champagne & The Rose

For the neutral tone lovers, there were grooms that were spotted in pastel outfits but they did take risks. We saw 2021 grooms embracing the embroidered sherwani and classy shawls with their outfits. Even opting for a pastel floral sherwani was seen a lot this year. 

embroidered sherwani

Fine Art Wedding Photography

groom sherwani

One Fine Day

printed sherwani

Sunny Dhiman Photography

Latest groom sherwani designs for the stylish grooms out there.

5. Bold And Handsome Sabyasachi Grooms

Now, for those of you who love the dark and manly shades, these groom looks are for you. We noticed some grooms took the dark route with their sherwani colors and completely bowled us over. 

black sherwani

Light Bucket Productions

green sherwani

Charcoal & Vermillion

Bookmark these offbeat groom looks of Sabyasachi grooms that we loved.

6. Rich & Velvet Sherwanis

Well, ‘tis the season for velvet sherwanis! And we loved this royal blue velvet sherwani that we spotted on these grooms. The bold colour and rich elegance of velvet surely complemented these grooms persona. 

velvet sherwani

Singh Photos

grooms of sabyasachi

Wed Lock Cinemas

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