Attention, grooms-to-be! Looks like purple sherwanis for weddings are all the rage this wedding season. We’ve come across many grooms sporting stunning purple-hued outfits for weddings and we’re loving it! We’re always excited to discover grooms who go out of their way to stand out from the crowd. And these grooms surely stood out in their stunning purple wedding outfits. If you’re a groom-to-be who loves taking the road less traveled, then you’ll surely love these amazing groom sherwanis. 

Seek Inspirations From Real Grooms Wearing Stunning Purple Sherwanis For Weddings- 

1. Darker Hues For Dapper Grooms

We loved the boldness of the dark purple sherwanis that these grooms opted for. The dark hues certainly looked every bit dapper on these grooms. Especially loving the addition of the pastel groom necklace that stands out against the dark purple sherwani. 

groom wearing purple sherwani

Wedding Nama

dark purple sherwani

Ashwin Kireet Photography

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2. Purple Sherwanis For Weddings

Purple is a very offbeat color choice even for brides, but it’s just too beautiful to ignore. There are so many shades of purple to choose from, lilac, lavender, burgundy, etc. And no matter what shade you choose, you’re bound to stand out in a purple sherwani. 

offbeat sherwani colors

Safarnama Films

couple wearing lilac wedding outfits

Sunny Dhiman Photography

groom in purple sherwani

The Con Artist

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3. Grooms That Complimented Their Brides In Contrasting Hues

While we usually see grooms leaning more towards beige color for their sherwanis, these grooms did the opposite. Their brides were seen sporting beige-colored outfits, while the grooms rocked their purple outfits. 

groom in purple sherwani


purple sherwani

Studio A Weddings

Now here’s a bride dressed in a colorful lehenga while the groom subtly compliments her in a pastel purple outfit. 

purple sherwanis for weddings


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4. Subtle Lilac Hues 

Lilac and lavender are such calm tones and they are the perfect shades to style your wedding outfits. Lilac outfits add a certain richness and freshness to your outfits. And are perfect for a summer wedding season. 

pastel sherwani colors

David Bastionani

matching lilac outfits

SNF Studio

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