We’re back with some awesome Kalgi design ideas for grooms who love to rock ornate pagdis or safas. Kalgi is a symbol of royalty, an ornament that grooms often wear on their wedding day. It is similar to a brooch that sits on a groom’s pagdi or safa on the wedding day. Traditionally it was an essential element for royal grooms to sport a kalgi. And we still see grooms honoring that tradition but with their own modernized touch. We’ve seen a lot of grooms sport some stunning kalgi designs on their wedding day. And we’re loving every bit of it. If you’re a groom-to-be looking for some kalgi design inspiration, then we’ve got you covered.

Check Out These Gorgeous Kalgi Design Ideas For Grooms To Add That Royal Bling- 

1. Groom Kalgi With Feathers

We often see grooms wearing kalgis with feathers. They do add a touch of grandeur to the groom’s look. The feather stands upright over the kalgi ornament and looks stunning. Many grooms opt for the feather kalgis as a part of their groom look. And we love to see their personalized selections. 

groom feather kalgis

Ram Bherwani Production

groom kalgis

Knotting Bells

regal kalgi designs fro grooms

The Creative Eye Production

feather kalgis for grooms

Rajoriyas Studio

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2. The Classic Elegance

For an elegant and subtle finesse opt for a quaint kalgi design. They simply accentuate your pagdi or safa without adding ‘too much’ embellishment. And gives it a great combination of nice, clean, and sharp look. And who doesn’t like that?

kundan kalgi

Moirai Weddings

groom kalgi

The Con Artists

kalgi for groom pagdis

Jatin Malik CoutureStylish groom kalgis

Weddings by Manthan Modi

Loved how cricketer Jasprit Bumrah went for a well-groomed and sharp look with a kundan kalgi with stones matching his necklace. 

Jasprit Bumrah kalgi

Stories By Joseph Radhik

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3. Extravagant Kalgi Design Ideas

Many fashion-forward grooms have surprised us with their offbeat and trendy wedding looks. And they did not hold back with their wedding accessories either. These grooms went all out with their kalgi designs and we’re loving it. Save these kalgi designs to your wedding mood boards right away!

OTT Kalgi design

Victoria Krundysheva

stylish groom kalgis

Sunny Dhiman Photography

kalgi design ideas

Israni Photography

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traditional OTT kalgi design

Studio A Weddings

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4. Multi-Tiered Kalgis For Stylish Grooms

A great way to draw attention to your beautiful pagdi and safa is to add a multi-layered kalgi. It will surely make heads turn and you’ll look like royalty. You can opt for pearl or kundan chains to bedazzle your groom safas. We always love grooms who don’t hold back in glamourizing their wedding looks. After all, the wedding day is the big day for the groom as well, right?

sikh grooms


pearl chain kalgi

Sutej Pannu

chained kalgi designs

Sunny Dhiman Photography

multi-tiered pearl chain kalgi

White Frog Productions

Ivy Weddings

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5. Acing The Minimalist Aesthetic

Grooms that love to keep their look as immaculate and minimalistic as possible, these minimalist kalgis are for you. We love gentlemen that keep their look fresh and classic with just a dash of subtle details. And that’s how you nail the ‘less is more’ aesthetic.

safa brooch

Chakshu Photography

sikh groom portrait

The White Box 

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There you go grooms-to-be, we hope you got the much-needed inspiration to enhance your wedding look. Stay tuned with us, we’ll be back with more groom trends. 

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