A traditional Indian groom is incomplete without his groom sehra “Kyuki Dulhe Ka Sehra Suhana Lagta hai”. A sehra is typically one of the most important aspects of groom accessories and is an ornament used to cover the groom’s face. Sehra for grooms is much like a bride’s veil which is used to protect them from evil eyes. 

While a classic floral groom sehra has forever ruled the Indian weddings, it’s time for all the modern grooms to give an interesting twist to their wedding day look by opting for some trending sehra designs. Sehras have always been an important headdress at Indian weddings, be it Sikh grooms, Marathi grooms, south Indian grooms or punjabi grooms. 

So, if you are wondering to bring that X factor to your wedding day look, check out everything about the latest groom sehra designs and trends:

1. Groom Sehra Designs In North India

Modern Indian grooms prefer to match the color of their Sehra with their wedding outfits to give it a well-coordinated look.  A lot of Rajasthani grooms prefer teaming up their elaborate Pagdis with a Sehra made out of pearls or semi-precious stones for that royal Rajputana look.

groom sehra

Image Source: You By Poonam Kotecha

sehra for groom

Image Source: Fotografia 9 India

Sikh grooms are generally seen wearing a beaded pearl sehra attached to their turban. 

sikh groom sehra

Sikh groom sehra

sehra for groom

Image Source: White Rose Production

Just like bride’s floral jewellery, sehra for grooms come in different variety of florals and make a great addition to their wedding day look. From the classic mogra sehras to one with the roses, undoubtedly the real flower groom sehras jazz up every groom’s wedding day look in no time. 

floral sehra

mogra sehra for grooms2. South Indian Groom Sehra Designs

Remember Ranveer Singh’s south Indian wedding look? Well, South Indian grooms generally wear a classic headgear of pearls on their wedding day unlike sehras for grooms in the north which cover all of their faces.

South Indian wedding look

South Indian groom sehra

Image Source: The Pratik Kulkarni

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3. Sehra For Maharashtrian Grooms

Both marathi bride and groom wear a traditional string of pearls or flowers around their head on their wedding day much like south Indian grooms. A marathi sehra is known as “Pheta” and is a must-worn wedding accessory for the couples during the ceremony!

marathi sehra

Image Source: Photizo Studio

4. 24 Carat Gold-Plated Sehra Design

Thanks to Mrinalini Chandra for introducing the first-ever enamel sehras which come with Jasmine flower motifs on it plated with 24 K gold. She made sure to create a new avatar of the classic groom sehras by adding a dash of luxury to them taking the groom’s look a notch higher and how!

gold plated sehra

Image Source: Mrinalini Chandra

Sehras are a part of our rich Indian heritage and have greatly evolved over the years to give a modern twist to the traditional groom outfit. A lot of the modern grooms take cues from Bollywood stars and their real-life marriages in order to make their own style statement. What’s your pick for your wedding? Share with us in the comments below.

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