These absolutely fun-filled and cool wedding games are the best idea to keep your guests entertained throughout the celebrations. These games can easily be incorporated in a haldi, sangeet or a pool party. We bet this will make your ceremony even more memorable and exciting. Also, they would keep the kids engrossed at the ceremony too. With something for everybody, these games are just the perfect pick and we look forward to you guys taking inspiration from it.

Save These Cool Wedding Games To Make Your Wedding All Fun And Memorable –

1. Jenga Blocks At Weddings

Jenga has always been the go-to option for every friend’s group and the best part of Jenga benign at weddings is that you can sign it and keep it forever as a memory.

cool wedding games

Image Source: Wedding Nama

2. Beer Pong

Who doesn’t love beer pongs? It is literally one of the best games ever and another way of making your guests extremely drunk at the festivities. 

wedding games ideas

Games you can play at mehndi ceremonies to keep guests entertained.

3. The Couple Shoe Game

This is almost played at every engagement or sangeet ceremony. The wedding couple takes a seat in front of their guests, sitting back to back with one of their shoes, and one of their partner’s. They are then asked questions and statements related to them and their relationship to which the couple has to raise the shoe that corresponds with their answer and it’s really funny.

couple shoe game

Tips on how to plan a kid-friendly wedding.

4. Foosball At Weddings

In case you are a Friends’ fan, you must love playing foosball and when you find it at a wedding, we bet you are not leaving it. It will be so much fun and this picture is proof of it.

games for guests

Image Source: Singh Photos

5. Snakes And Ladders, Cool Wedding Games

Another fun-filled game for the mehendi or haldi ceremony. Let your guests roll that huge dice and let people take their turns walking ahead, climbing the ladders or being bitten by a snake. Isn’t it too much fun?

Cool Wedding Games

Image Source: Castles & Coasters

Ultimate party games that can be played at your reception.

6. Crossword Puzzles

Another way to occupy your guests at weddings. You can hide words related to the couple and their journey and then ask the guests to find it. One with the maximum number of guesses in a short span of time will be the winner.

games for guests

7. Ring Toss Game

This fun ring toss game features rings that look like diamond engagement rings, making it the perfect game for a wedding reception, engagement party or bachelorette party. This simple game is one most people already know how to play, toss the ring and try to land on the object and it is yours.

wedding games

Image Source: Knotty Days

8. Limbo Fun At Pool Party

This game is just the perfect pick for the pool party and imagine if your guests are already 3-4 drinks down, how much fun is it going to be?

pool party game ideas

9. How About A Wheel Of Fun?

Create a custom wheel of fun, creative activities for your guests to complete as and when the wheel is spun. Roll in some fun prizes too for guests who take up the tough ones.

wedding game ideas

Image Source: House Of Vivah

We bet that these special games will keep everyone entertained. Playing these games together will bring everyone closer and the photographs will be painted with a big smile. Let the fun begin.

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