Wedding shopping can be a tricky business, especially if you’re planning everything by yourself. To help you all we are sharing the experience of some real brides about their bridal shopping. Now all you brides-to-be can take notes and tips to keep in mind while shopping for your dream lehenga. We asked these real brides some questions regarding their shopping experience and how they finalized their wedding look. If you require some pointers, then read on!

Ladies, Take Some Tips From These Real Brides’ Bridal Shopping Experience– 

At ShaadiWish, we aim to make your wedding planning process as easy as possible. And for those of you who get easily stressed out about the smallest details, we’re here to help. We reached out to ShaadiWish’s real brides and asked them to share their two cents about their wedding outfit shopping.

Q1. What are the tips to keep in mind while buying a wedding lehenga? 

Tarini Manchanda

Newly married Tarini suggests that one should buy a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn again- “maybe wear the blouse with a sari later, or the lehenga with a shirt”. And always go for something that makes you feel comfortable and yourself in. 

Tarini Manchanda bridal saree

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Richa Chauhan

Bride Richa Chauhan advises that one should avoid impulsive buying and take your sweet time to compare the lehengas and then decide. She further says, “If you are planning on carrying only one dupatta with the lehenga, like I did, focus on buying a lehenga with a heavily embroidered blouse. It’s the bride’s face and upper body that is going to be in focus and photographs anyway.”

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Navya Jhunjhunwala 

Navya hit us with some strong words of advice- “Be true to yourself and your likes/dislikes. Since a lot of people are involved they may always try to enforce their hopes and ideas onto you but at the end of the day, it’s you who has to wear it, feel it, and flaunt it. So, do not give in to other people’s expectations and go for what feels right for you.” And we 100% agree!

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Mehal Kejriwal 

Bride-to-be Mehal took the romantic route to finalize her lehenga, she says- “You’ll know it when it’s the one- just like your fiance! Don’t go by the trends because they are here today and might fade away tomorrow.” And ladies, if you’re confused remember that “even if you don’t know what you want, starting with what you don’t want will make it easier to narrow your options.”

Q2. Were you inclined towards a designer lehenga or to shop from your local outlets?

Tarini Manchanda

When we asked Tarini about her preferences she said, “I think one should go for what looks best on them- forget the label.” She was also lucky that one of her closest friends, Arjan Dugal, is a very talented designer. And Arjan made her most beautiful outfit for her wedding day, under his Mum’s label, Simer Dugal.

Richa Chauhan

Richa wasn’t really sure if she wanted a designer or non-designer lehenga for her wedding. She shares, “All I had decided was that I didn’t want my lehenga to be in the shades of red or pink. I had simply defined my budget and chosen both the designer and non-designer stores accordingly. I ended up buying a non-designer lehenga.” Because when it’s right, it’s just right!

Navya Jhunjhunwala 

We loved Navya’s approach as she explained that she was never inclined towards the label. “Whether designer or local – I have always tried to listen to my gut and get something that catches my eye instead of my wallet specifically.” And we strongly believe that if you know what you want, labels don’t matter, as long as you feel good about yourself. 

Dolly J Studio lehenga

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Mehal Kejriwal

We appreciated Mehal’s inclination towards fresh designers. She told us, “I was inclined towards designer, but some newer names, the younger lot – for fresher designs.” With many young and talented designers, you can definitely stand out from the crowd with your pristine look.

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Q3. How was your shopping experience altogether?

Tarini Manchanda

We were definitely inspired by Tarini’s choice to wear an upcycled sari on her wedding day. She shares, “I decided not to go for a lehenga as I wanted to wear something that told my family history.” Isn’t that beautiful?

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Richa Chauhan

It was a very filmy moment for Richa when she tried on her wedding lehenga for the first time. Richa tells us, “I always thought the movies are overdramatic when they show the brides-to-be trying on their wedding dresses and crying. I went lehenga shopping with my sisters, and when I tried the first lehenga, my sisters actually had tears in their eyes when they saw me. That is when I realized the truth about the bridal dress shopping experience in the movies.” Isn’t that what we all want? That one filmy moment that you can cherish forever!

Richa Chauhan

Navya Jhunjhunwala 

When it comes to shopping, Navya is a self-proclaimed “quick and lazy shopper” so she had to be forced to go pick out her lehenga. Navya’s sister by Dolly J Studio at her wedding but she didn’t think she’d find her lehenga there. But it all changed when one lehenga caught her attention. She further tells us, “I wanted a different color so the process of customizing was a bit scary but the Dolly J Studio team was very supportive and I was happy with everything! Got it right on the first trial.”

Mehal Kejriwal

“I found my lehenga in an intimate corner of the store, so I’d recommend you keep searching until you find what you’re looking for.” After all, it took Mehal 3 trips to Delhi to find THE lehenga, which was exciting but fun at the same time. Her shopping experience was made simpler with one simple hack- “I was particular to make sure that not more than 3 family members accompanied me because the more the opinions the more confusion & it dilutes your honest feeling towards it.”

bridal shopping experience

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