If you’re done with the old ghodi baraat entry, we’ve got some fun and offbeat baraat entry ideas for you. Baraat ceremony is one of the most anticipated ceremonies of the wedding night. After all, it’s the most fun part when the groom’s family makes a grand entry and kickstarts the whole wedding shenanigans. So make the most of your baraat with these offbeat entry ideas.

All You Grooms-To-Be, Take Notes Of These Offbeat Baraat Entry Ideas-

1. Baraati On The Boat

If you’re having an open waterfront wedding, bringing your baraat on a ferry/boat could be a great option. Just imagine, how cool would you look riding the boat as a groom? We say 10/10!

boat baraat entry

Federico Salmeron Photo

2. Awaken Your Kalakaar With Your Baraat Car

We know, arriving in a car is as cliched as the ghodi entry but hear us out. You can make your baraat entry in a car even more interesting by riding in with your squad in a vintage car or by (carefully) standing over the hood of your car or on the bonnet. It will surely make you stand out.

vintage car groom entry

Lovers Film

baraat on the car

iKhanic Production

Get inspired by these amazing groom entries in vintage cars.

Bridal Makeup Artists

3. Drop The Bomb

Arrive in style with your squad by your side holding up smoke bombs to make your entry colorful. A colorful baraat entry sounds great to us!

smoke bomb photo baraat

Ron Soliman

4. Set Foot In Bollywood Style

Make it a grand Bollywood gesture to your wife-to-be with a Bollywood-inspired entry. Dance on a cliche wedding song as you make your way into the wedding venue with your family by your side.

bollywood style baraat

Picture Art Company

Check out these filmy groom entry ideas.

5. Offbeat Baraat Entry Ideas

One of the most creative baraat entries we spotted was where the groomsmen wore a scarf that had the groom’s face printed all over it. And, fake currencies with the groom’s face printed on them as well.

offbeat baraat entry ideas

quirky & offbeat baraat entry ideas

The House On The Clouds

Save these ultimate groom entry songs to your playlists, right away!

6. Wheel It in, Boys!

If you’re one of those grooms who love their hot wheels, then why not ride in one? These grooms surely took the detour on their sweet rides. 

baraat ideas for grooms

The Wedding Crashers

groom baraat

Portfolio Studio Weddings

baraat on harley davidson bike

Wedding Aura Photo

We loved them all, tell us which one blew your mind away? 

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