Since the summer wedding season is getting closer, the main concern that brides and bridesmaids have is keeping their makeup intact. And we’ve got some great summer wedding makeup tips for all you ladies. It’s only natural to worry about your makeup as the summer can be harsh. You don’t want to end up looking too cakey or have it melting down due to the heat. So without further ado, let’s dive straight into it.

Note Down These Useful Summer Wedding Makeup Tips, Now!

1. Water It Down!

The most important thing to remember is to drink lots of water to keep your skin and yourself hydrated. No amount of makeup can cover up dehydrated and unhealthy skin. Moreover, your body will need more water since it’s summer. So, keep yourself hydrated, which would automatically require you to rely less on makeup products. And you’d definitely want to keep your makeup as minimal as possible, considering the heat.bridal makeup tips

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2. Know Your Skin 

It’s very important to know your skin type. It could be oily, dry, or combination skin. It is crucial to be aware of your skin type so that you choose your makeup products accordingly. If your skin is prone to dryness, then liquid-based products would work perfectly for you. Similarly, if you’ve got oily skin, you should use powder-based products. These little things will help you keep your skin looking fresh and radiant throughout the day. However, considering the heat and sweat, you should tone down the liquid products a bit, even if you’ve got dry skin. makeup tips for summer

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3. Bright And Shiny 

We all love our highlighters and foundations, but summer doesn’t. Use shine-free makeup products so that your skin doesn’t end up looking greasy. The shine can make your skin look oily under the sun. If you’ve got naturally spotless skin, then you can skip the foundation altogether. And if you’ve got little marks and spots on your skin, indulge in a spot-corrector.dewy makeup

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4. Summer Wedding Makeup Tips For Eye-Makeup

Coming to the eye-makeup, your eyelids are bound to be sweat-prone. To avoid any makeup gunk or residual, use powder-based eye shadow. And always use waterproof mascara despite the weather. And it is surely wise to use a liquid, smudge-proof eyeliner to not have it melting down due to the summer heat.

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5. Lip Colors

Summer season, as well as weddings, are all about bright and refreshing colors. So, you should opt for a bright color like red or pink that’ll bring a pop of color to your face. Since the makeup will be minimal, a bright lip-shade will help you brighten up your makeup.bridal makeup

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6. SPF Protection

As a thumb rule, you should never skimp on applying sunscreen. No matter the season, sunscreen is very important to protect your skin from harmful UV rays as well skin damage. It will also prevent tanning if you’re planning a pool party for your wedding functions. 

summer wedding makeup tips


7. Emergency Kit

Keep a touch-up kit with you. Nothing fancy, all you need is your lip-color, blotting paper, compact mirror, and some Q-tips. They’ll help you keep your makeup looking fresh and radiant throughout the day. And you won’t have to worry about re-doing your makeup all over again.summer wedding makeup tips

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There you have it, fellas! These are some of the crucial summer wedding makeup tips, that we feel, y’all should know. Keep them in mind, and shine like the divas you are!

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